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 Saudi Arabia - “The reported news of an armament deal valued at over 70 billion between the kingdom and Britain is not correct. This figure is much higher than what was agreed upon.”
 Saudi Arabia - “There is no dynamic now pulling the nation together,”
 Saudi Arabia - “well equipped with thousands of kilograms of explosives, with money and fake documents.”
 Saudi Arabia - “We can't say for sure that money was going to fund terrorism, but we couldn't say it wasn't either,”
 Saudi Arabia - “highly-trained military officer who appears to know what he is doing.”
 Saudi Arabia - “Your media is not really as fair as it used to be,”
 Saudi Arabia - “There is nothing that will make us more happy than to see this sensitive part of the world enjoy stability, security and prosperity ... if the United States asks us we will not hesitate to contribute to efforts to bring stability to the region,”
 Saudi Arabia - “ Many leading Democrats say they are uneasy about Dean's candidacy for president and are reluctant to cede him the nomination for fear that his combative style and antiwar stance will leave Democrats vulnerable in November. They acknowledge Dean has run a strategically savvy campaign that has made him the candidate to beat. But their worry has been heightened anew, they say, by Dean's statement this week that the capture of Saddam Hussein did not make America safer ... I did not believe the theory I was putting out.”
 Saudi Arabia - “Western entertainment appeals to youth. Consumers are getting more sophisticated and getting demanding. We are trying to spot trends,”
 Saudi Arabia - “a theology of holy terror and the means to live the plotters' life.”
 Saudi Arabia - “We are concerned that literature has been found in American mosques that has a message that is not tolerant, and we hope the people of Saudi Arabia will work with us as we try to deal with this issue,”
 Brian Arabia - “The Japanese economy is turning around, as evidenced by the machine tool orders. If signs of growth in the economy continue, eventually they (Japan) will depart from the zero interest rate policy.”
 Saudi Arabia - “partners in the plan to destroy Iraq and change its political and demographic identity.”
 Saudi Arabia - “There is a photograph of the other suspect as well but there is doubt about him, and security forces are still investigating,”
 Saudi Arabia - “There is no retreat on the fixed timetable of the declaration of the state. It will be declared at the fixed time, which is September 13, God willing, regardless of those who agree or disagree,”
 Saudi Arabia - “We renew our determination to repel crusader forces and their arrogance, to liberate the land of the Muslims, to apply sharia law and cleanse the Arabian peninsula of infidels.”
 Saudi Arabia - “Nobody can comment on that. It is a unilateral decision.”
 Saudi Arabia - “We shot dead one hijacker after we saw him stabbing to death a stewardess. Some passengers suffered from stab wounds.”
 Saudi Arabia - “There are more than two sides of this story because of how complicated it is. (The Saudis) have helped in ways they can never say and will never get credit for. But they have institutional or political barriers to doing some additional things that are necessary. ... We have to remind them from time to time, and yes, perhaps we will have to be more aggressive at some point.”
 Saudi Arabia - “There seems to be no dynamic now that is pulling the country together. All the dynamics there are pushing the people away from each other,”
 Saudi Arabia - “the United States is the only country that can play a pivotal role.”
 Saudi Arabia - “Every WTO member country has the right to stop dealing with a member country for reasons related to national security and international relations,”
 Saudi Arabia - “Given these facts, protecting the Saudi regime by eliminating any public penalty for the support given to terrorists from within its borders would be a mistake. If we are to protect our national security, we must convince the Saudi regime to get tough on terror.”
 Saudi Arabia - “All the dynamics are pulling the country apart, ... bring other countries in the region into the conflict.”
 Saudi Arabia - “We want to find a common policy to bring to the table, whether it be humanitarian aid or reconstruction, and what political relations (with the future government in Iraq) will be,”

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