My Favorite Quotes
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 Jacob Arabo - “We call this The World Is Yours, ... It costs 1 million. Other jewelers thought I was losing my mind making it, that I'm going to get stuck with it. But already we have sold four of them.”
 Auday Arabo - “You have a young girl, the owner's daughter, doing what family wants her to do, and an immigrant trying to save up to bring the rest of his family over.”
 Auday Arabo - “You have a young, mid-20s girl here who was the daughter of the owner, and another gentleman who just immigrated here and was trying to work two jobs to save enough money to bring his family here.”
 Jacob Arabo - “Your wife will be very happy, ... If she's not, send her back. One thing about our company, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.”
 Auday Arabo - “I have a message for the cowards. There is no place you can hide. There is no place safe for you. The loss and anguish you caused this community will never be forgotten.”
 Auday Arabo - “It's pretty much putting yourself inside a prison ... and that's not for business people.”
 Jacob Arabo - “The celebrities who bought my watches did help, but they weren't just doing me a favor because they truly loved the watches, ... When I design something and I love it myself, I know it's going to be big.”