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 Avi Arad - “Without giving too much away, obviously there'll be a little bit of the origin and then we come into our real world. What makes Captain America such a compelling character is that it allows you to judge history so you see where he came from and you see what he stood for.”
 Avi Arad - “You start with great stories, and probably the best storyboards that have ever been drawn for any movie or television show, on an ongoing basis.”
 Avi Arad - “When you get to know me, I don't despair - I just get up, clean up, and start again.”
 Avi Arad - “We love Cyclops and as you know, we love James. It's a great team and we'll continue the team, obviously.”
 Avi Arad - “The other thing is we have an incredible villain. And we worked very hard to have villains that are connected to the hero. They have an effect, an emotional effect. They never become out-of-this-world, crazy villains.”
 Avi Arad - “Once we got over the origin story, we could really delve deeper into their lives and characters and angst. So this movie actually has more heart, more humor.”
 Avi Arad - “On the first movie we got good reviews, but we were still dealing with genre stuff. It's going away. Judge the movie - is it a good one or a bad one We know we made a great movie and it's being judged for just being a good film.”
 Avi Arad - “I think well-read people - the world is open to them.”
 Avi Arad - “And everything that you ever wanted to see in The Fantastic Four - which is the family dynamics, vis a vis Victor - it's all here.”
 Jill Barad - “Although we had a strong Thanksgiving, up 23 percent at our top five U.S. accounts, retailers have determined that they would rather drastically reduce their inventory levels than capture incremental sales. This has negatively impacted our sales by approximately 350 million this year.”
 Avi Arad - “No character before its time. The scripts will dictate which is first.”
 Jill Barad - “As we disclosed in December, unexpected cutbacks by retailers and our further adjustment to a just-in-time shipping pattern negatively impacted our results.”
 Avi Arad - “No character before its time. The scripts will dictate which is first, ... I cannot wait to tell Captain America's story. It's a doozy of a story.”
 Avi Arad - “I cannot wait to tell Captain America's story. It's a doozy.”
 Avi Arad - “It's no secret, we took a lot of sh-- for Ang Lee's 'Hulk,' for all the wrong reasons,”
 Avi Arad - “One of the things our movie is going to deal with is what happened in 60 years. Which world was better Sixty years ago or now Within, obviously, a kick-ass plot and all the stuff that you've come to expect from a superhero movie.”
 Eyal Arad - “We can form a coalition very quickly but this may undermine its stability ... or we can take our time and design a coalition government that will be stable and stay the course for four years.”
 Avi Arad - “Okay, as you know, I'm a lifelong fan with a very high opinion of our properties, and my assessment was that the world still doesn't understand.”
 Jill Barad - “But there was good news coming out of last year. Retail sales of Mattel products at our top U.S accounts were up 12 percent, and yearend retail inventories were down 30 percent, positioning us well for 1999.”
 Avi Arad - “Obviously, CGI in the last ten years has gone through such leaps and bounds that today, people are looking for these kinds of movies to wow audiences with technology.”
 Avi Arad - “We have a tradition of Stan Lee being in all our movies,”
 Avi Arad - “The scripts that are ready will go first. It's kind of a horse race. We will make the movies by the quality of the script and which is ready to go first.”
 Avi Arad - “The movies are there to support the core businesses of toys, licensing, video games and publishing. Each of these titles is meant to be a franchise.”
 Avi Arad - “Arad says the recent reinvigoration of Batman and DC Comics' upcoming slate of Superman and Wonder Woman movies doesn't scare him. You know what we are ... We're the best storytellers you'll find. And to us, our characters are alive.”
 Avi Arad - “He'll be the mailman, ... It's interesting, because he looks the way it was drawn. Stan is a character ... initially he was supposed to say, 'Good morning, Mr. Richards,' and then he kept adding more words.”

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