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 Yasser Arafat - “We have no other alternative. And in spite of all the difficulties we are facing, we have one alternative to carry on with the peace process. This is our strategic target.”
 Yasser Arafat - “to make the maximum effort to end terrorism against Israel, which undermines the prospects for peace.”
 Yasser Arafat - “The Palestinian leadership has no more patience and our people have no more patience. All that's left for us to do is to defend Jerusalem in whatever way we can,”
 Yasser Arafat - “Patience has its limits.”
 Yasser Arafat - “Without a doubt, since the beginning we have welcomed American initiatives which we hope will succeed, especially in the upcoming London meetings.”
 Yasser Arafat - “This is still under discussion,”
 Yasser Arafat - “Meanwhile, more than 70 Republican and Democratic senators signed a letter expressing support for Israel and profound disappointment and frustration ... very dangerous hour in the Middle East.”
 Yasser Arafat - “It is a message for the whole international world to see the fascism and this aggression against the headquarters of the Palestinian people. No one can defeat the Palestinian people who are defending the holy sacred Christian and Muslim holy places, and we are here to defend it, and we are ready to die to defend it.”
 Yasser Arafat - “a discussion among a large number of medical experts ... shows that it is impossible to pinpoint a cause that will explain the combination of symptoms that led to the death of the patient.”
 Yasser Arafat - “The battle for Jerusalem is a battle of life or death, ... There will be no peace, no security, no stability without the return of liberated Jerusalem, the eternal capital for an independent Palestinian state, whether they like it or not.”
 Yasser Arafat - “We welcome any meeting, but at the same time, we say if the crisis should reach an end, it needs an Israeli decision to stop the aggression against the Palestinian people,”
 Yasser Arafat - “The ball is in the Israeli court,”
 Yasser Arafat - “It is time for world conscience to wake up, ... It is time for the international legitimacy to say to aggressors, 'Enough military escalation, enough killing and destruction against the Palestinian people' -- who will not be defeated no matter how harsh the aggressors use their destructive arms to kill our people.”
 Yasser Arafat - “It is clear and obvious the Israelis are trying to escape from implementing accurately and honestly what had been signed between both of us. I am not asking for the moon.”
 Yasser Arafat - “What is important now is this big crime which has happened against this holy sacred place for the Muslims, for the Christians -- the Nativity Church.”
 Yasser Arafat - “First of all, no one can bypass the Palestinian people and their choice of their leader.”
 Yasser Arafat - “All the parties involved are still studying the U.S. proposal. Such proposals need to be studied carefully, because some of the proposals are less substantive than what was suggested at Camp David.”
 Yasser Arafat - “We will put our friends and our brothers, the Arabs and the Europeans ... far away from the Israeli propaganda and big lies that they are trying to put about what happened in Camp David,”
 Yasser Arafat - “I have created a Cabinet committed to the rule of law and reform and development, ... a Cabinet that will work for enhanced cooperation with the Palestinian Legislative Council and all political and popular forces in the country.”
 Yasser Arafat - “It was a business meeting and not a meeting for negotiations -- an attempt to break the ice and tension after Camp David,”
 Yasser Arafat - “the peace of the brave.”
 Yasser Arafat - “Our duty today, the duty of all of us is to continue the work that I started with my late partner Yitzhak Rabin, to protect the peace of the brave and to continue and complete that work,”
 Yasser Arafat - “For me, no, but for him, I think so. But not only our people but the majority of the Israeli people are with the peace of the brave.”
 Yasser Arafat - “I can't forget myself, the peace of the brave, which I had signed with my partner, assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.”
 Yasser Arafat - “This is untrue. The ship belongs to Hezbollah, which bought it from its Iraqi owner for 400,000,”

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