My Favorite Quotes
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 Carol Araullo - “Under the proposal Ms Arroyo is at the same time president and one who consolidates the powers of prime minister in her hands, which includes the power to dissolve parliament.”
 Carol Araullo - “More importantly, Arroyo and her defenders must stop attacking the Senate for its probes and allow the truth to come out.”
 Carol Araullo - “We're certainly not celebrating her. We're repudiating her on International Women's Day. That's a slap on her. You cannot celebrate women's rights and welfare and the struggle to liberate women without denouncing this particular woman.”
 Carol Araullo - “She shows the worst qualities of masochists. She is boastful, she tramples upon the rights of others ... and because the majority of Filipinos are women, she is abusing the rights of women.”