My Favorite Quotes
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 John Aravosis - “The idea was to show that if his privacy wasn't safe, none of ours were, and it clearly proved the point.”
 John Aravosis - “On the left, we've always talked about the need to have an echo chamber. We believe the right has a whole media network, from talk radio to Fox News to Matt Drudge. The left doesn't have that because the left doesn't play well with others.”
 John Aravosis - “The man has a lesbian daughter, yet he wants to make gays and lesbians second-class citizens in the U.S. Constitution.”
 John Aravosis - “They (religious conservatives) want to destroy us by going after every company that dares not treat gays like they're diseased pariahs.”
 John Aravosis - “I'd make the comparison to the public's attitude about the Iraq war. They are now disenchanted, but it took three years of bad news to get them there.”
 John Aravosis - “They now say this was about Ford 'refraining from choosing sides' by supporting gay groups. No. AFA said this was about Ford promoting 'gay marriage' by advertising its products to gay consumers, by providing its gay employees with company benefits, and by including sexual-orientation discrimination in the company's diversity training. Corporate America, meet with these extremists at your own risk.”
 John Aravosis - “What exactly HAS the military done to get to the bottom of this They launched an investigation that lasted, apparently, a matter of hours. And now they tell us there's nothing they can do, and nothing they're going to do, about the outright racist abuse of Muslims by U.S. troops.”