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 John Harbaugh - “Bruce did a nice job setting up those blocks. The thing about Bruce that you really like is that he hits it north and south. He runs hard, runs behind his pads. Running backs have a good sense for that.”
 Kim Arbaugh - “This is to teach those who have never gone hunting how to respect farming traditions.”
 John Harbaugh - “Three words. 'Scoop and score.' I was joking with Matt that I thought the kicker was going to get him for half a second. He didn't appreciate that.”
 Jaime Sarbaugh - “We agreed to a slight procedure protocol change on that. As long as it is a trauma patient, we will transport. The trauma patient criteria is being reviewed and revised. But, that will take some time.”
 John Harbaugh - “It was kind of like old times. I'm proud of the way the guys are practicing and the way they're playing so hard. They're bringing the wood and that goes a long way in football.”
 John Harbaugh - “Sean is our punter today,”
 John Harbaugh - “You can trust him,”
 John Harbaugh - “He's done a good job at practice. He made nine out of 10 field goals yesterday, so that was a positive.”
 Kim Arbaugh - “Between Nov. 5 and 19, the young hunter must take one of two offered safety courses that are 10 hours long and must pass one of the two courses to be eligible for the Ohio Youth Hunting Day.”
 John Harbaugh - “It's a great opportunity, though, to teach our guys, and I think that's what it really is. If it was going to happen, it couldn't happen at a better time, the first preseason game. So, you just take it as an opportunity. There is no greater teacher than experience.”
 John Harbaugh - “I'd say he's still on the road to recovery. He's certainly not 100 percent. We still have some options there if he's not ready on Monday night. But we're preparing as if he's going to be and we've set ourselves up if he's not.”
 Jaime Sarbaugh - “The rain is coming down sideways. We've had a handful of tornadoes. We're still in the middle of this hurricane so we're not sending anyone out right now.”
 John Harbaugh - “This is really their last chance. A guy has a last chance to make a team, runs down there and makes a play, and all of sudden shows up. It might swing it one way or another.”
 John Harbaugh - “The best way to get confidence is to play well and to make plays,”
 John Harbaugh - “I think we are not sure if Dirk is going to comb back. He just had surgery a few weeks ago. I think we want to make sure we have our best scenario for the opener and then really just kind of play it be ear from there.”
 William Arbaugh - “Here's how session hijacking works. The hacker waits for someone to finish successfully the authentication process. Then you as the attacker send a disassociate message, forging it to make it look like it came from the AP access point. The client user thinks they have been kicked off, but the AP thinks the client is still out there. As long as WEP is not involved you can start using that connection up until the next time out, usually about 60 minutes,”
 John Harbaugh - “I do believe we have good players and I think those guys can play well. It's just a matter of getting them to play well.”
 John Harbaugh - “We just couldn't get ourselves out. We couldn't punt ourselves out, or cover ourselves out. Until you can do that, you're not going to playing downhill. So we've got to find a way to make a play. And I don't think our problem is personnel. Our problem is our personnel are not playing well.”
 William Arbaugh - “Security technologies depend on the correctness of the system they're actually checking.”
 Jim Harbaugh - “I'm having a great time. Other than the crowd size, the television and the interest from the media, there's no difference than playing or coaching at Iowa or Michigan.”
 John Harbaugh - “Im just proud of the character of these guys. We have a long way to go and there are a lot of things we need to get better at. But everybody played disciplined and had good self-control. We played well.”
 John Harbaugh - “You look at special teams and I think there's been a lot of good plays. What we haven't been is consistent.”
 Kim Arbaugh - “There will be an orientation on Sept. 29, where there will be commitment between guides and parents. No location has been designated as yet.”
 Jim Harbaugh - “They've got a tremendous atmosphere at Iowa City. That was a heck of a game. It was a credit to college football.”
 Kim Arbaugh - “A banquet will be held for the kids at the Jewett Sportsmen Club in the evening so they can share experiences. There will be someone to do the meat processing at a reduced cost. If they do not have use for the deer, it will donated to a local food pantry.”

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