My Favorite Quotes
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 Tod Arbogast - “Dell is committed to being an environmentally and socially responsible market leader and our public goals and annual reporting on global progress underscore this focus. We made significant progress against our goals last year and have identified areas in which we can extend that performance over the coming year.”
 Brian Arbogast - “Enabling multiple service providers to be able to interoperate, we think, is a tremendous opportunity for the industry.”
 Tod Arbogast - “We hold ourselves up to the same Electronics Industry Code of Conduct standards as we expect from our suppliers.”
 Brian Arbogast - “We're investing a lot at being able to store massive amounts of storage in the cloud, as cheaply as possible. We want to give customers the choice of what they put up in the cloud and what they keep on their PC.”
 Brian Arbogast - “It's a way for enterprises to authenticate their users and then have those users trusted beyond the scope of just their business. We never thought of outsourcing Passport, previously, but there is tremendous market opportunity.”
 Tod Arbogast - “Certainly some of our employees desire the overtime, but not all of them, which creates a need for employee-hour balance.”
 Tod Arbogast - “There is a fine balance when it comes to work hours, which addresses productivity and quality, the needs of the operation and the employee's desire for overtime.”
 Brian Arbogast - “We think that there's at least an interesting discussion to have in the industry as to whether or not there is a need to have this higher operating authority.”