My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Arbona - “This is the first time we've heard about this proposal.”
 Joe Arbona - “One of the things that is particularly painful within the context of this poor family is that the engineers actually had to witness this, knowing that when you get into a locomotive, there is no steering wheel. As you can imagine, they are pretty shook up about this whole thing, too.”
 Joe Arbona - “It's just going to take us a little time to work through this.”
 Joe Arbona - “We send our thoughts and prayers to the family. We ask people for their own safety to stay away from railroad tracks.”
 Cristina Narbona - “I have been involved in international meetings for many years and this is the first time when there is no chance of changing the final declaration of a ministerial meeting.”
 Joe Arbona - “You have no idea what level of concern this industry has for pedestrians. The best way to avoid tragedies like these is not be near the train tracks at all.”
 Joe Arbona - “It's certainly not our intention to inconvenience folks. But it's better for them to wait for the arms to be taken care of or repaired rather than have a terrible incident.”
 Joe Arbona - “We're just trying to figure out how this will fit into that agreement.”