My Favorite Quotes
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 Haley Barbour - “We've turned a corner. We're well into the cleanup phase now. We're focusing on the future for the state of Mississippi.”
 Scott Barbour - “Albacore fishing remains very good about 40 miles out of Westport. The charters are just killing them, ... The big commercial boats are also about 40 miles offshore, and some are catching about 1,000 tuna per day.”
 Haley Barbour - “We believe the damage in Mississippi the federal government should help pay for is less than 50 billion, ... It may even be in the 30s.”
 Haley Barbour - “Those who want to play politics (can) do whatever they want to, but the state could not act until we know what the federal government will do. Otherwise, we risk hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.”
 Haley Barbour - “the federal government has been good partners to us.”
 Haley Barbour - “Some people believe state government is being run so efficiently that no money can be saved. I am not one of those people.”
 Haley Barbour - “To me looting is about the equivalent of grave robbing, ... We're not going to stand for it.”
 Haley Barbour - “I'm for prosecuting them to the nth degree, ... This to me is like grave robbing, and we just can't tolerate it.”
 Haley Barbour - “And I hate to say it, I think there are going to be more.”
 Hayes Harbour - “We furnished the farm house and the land. They furnished the labor and the equipment and then we divided the profits. It was a perfect arrangement.”
 Haley Barbour - “It will be unsafe to return to the coastal area for several days. Be patient. Don't be in a hurry to go back.”
 Andrew Barbour - “The chamber is there to promote individual businesses, ... The tourism commission is charged with setting the foundation.”
 Sandy Barbour - “Tyrone is as classy an individual as there is. He's one of those class individuals that you don't run across very often.”
 Haley Barbour - “the presidents major donors from the fossil fuel industry.”
 Louise Arbour - “My main interest, to be very frank, is to solidify the judicial system.”
 Louise Arbour - “We continue to demand that the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia get immediate access to Kosovo,”
 Haley Barbour - “Thousands of people have been rescued, ... Thousands of people have been found and returned to some place where they could pick up their lives ... We don't know how many fatalities there are. The official count is really meaningless. If you see the devastation, you wonder why it didn't kill a million people.”
 Hayes Harbour - “When we realized that we had land that we didn't want to utilize in other crops, we just decided that we would start setting pines.”
 Haley Barbour - “The speaker showed tremendous leadership and statesmanship,”
 John Barbour - “And should think freedom more to prize, than all the gold in world that is.”
 Haley Barbour - “I urge all Mississippians to please take this storm seriously, ... Now is the time to prepare yourself, your family and your friends.”
 Haley Barbour - “We will rebuild bigger and better than ever. It's going to take some time, and people have to be patient.”
 Haley Barbour - “I urge all Mississippians to please take this storm seriously. Now is the time to prepare yourself, your family and your friends.”
 Haley Barbour - “Creating a renaissance in this area is what I'm working on for the rest of the time I'm governor,”
 Haley Barbour - “While it took a long time, the Legislature has passed the essential parts of the special session agenda, ... We will put those into effect immediately.”

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