My Favorite Quotes
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 Franz Marc - “Religions die slowly.”
 Franz Marc - “We are staunch and true and in rather a champagne mood.”
 Franz Marc - “What appears spectral today will be natural tomorrow.”
 Joan Arc - “When I reached Vaucouleurs, I easily recognized Robert de Baudricourt, although I had never seen him before I knew him through my Voice, which told me that it was he. I told him that I must come into France.”
 James D'Arc - “We are attempting not only to show the great movies of the past, but we are also reproducing the very experience that people saw it in when these films were first released.”
 Franz Marc - “Serious art has been the work of individual artists whose art has had nothing to do with style because they were not in the least connected with the style or the needs of the masses. Their work arose rather in defiance of their times.”
 Joan Arc - “Of the love or hatred God has for the English, I know nothing, but I do know that they will all be thrown out of France, except those who die there.”
 James D'Arc - “Sunrise' was one of the last silent films. And as such is proof of why so many filmmakers lamented the coming of sound. It is a lovely and very powerful motion picture of love and the power of fidelity in marriage.”
 James D'Arc - “There is something very special about seeing a motion picture on film ...it gives a richness and a fullness that a video image does not. You're seeing these films as they were meant to be seen.”
 Joan Arc - “The Passion of Joan of Arc”
 Franz Marc - “Art is nothing but the expression of our dream the more we surrender to it the closer we get to the inner truth of things, our dream-life, the true life that scorns questions and does not see them.”
 James D'Arc - “The live accompaniment really adds to the drama and power of the experience. It is a very rare opportunity.”
 Joan Arc - “Since God had commanded it, it was necessary that I do it. Since God commanded it, even if I had a hundred fathers and mothers, even if I had been a King's daughter, I would have gone nevertheless.”
 Joan Arc - “You, men of England, who have no right to this Kingdom of France, the King of Heaven orders and notifies you through me, Joan the Maiden, to leave your fortresses and go back to your own country or I will produce a clash of arms to be eternally remembered. And this is the third and last time I have written to you I shall not write anything further.”
 Franz Marc - “Like everything genuine, its inner life guarantees its truth. All works of art created by truthful minds without regard for the work's conventional exterior remain genuine for all times.”
 Joan Arc - “Even if the committee carried the message in the exact words with no words missing, but left out the persuasion of gesture, the supplicating tone, and the beseeching looks which inform the words and give them life, where then were the power of the arguments and whom would it convince”
 Joan Arc - “...in God's name I command you to let me know as soon as you are aware of the arrival of Fastolf because if he should pass without my knowledge, I promise you that I will have your head removed.”
 Joan Arc - “Children say that people are hung sometimes for speaking the truth.”
 Franz Marc - “Blue is the male principle, stern and spiritual. Yellow the female principle, gentle, cheerful and sensual. Red is matter, brutal and heavy and always the colour which must be fought and vanquished by the other two.”
 Joan Arc - “I am not afraidI was born to do this.”
 Joan Arc - “I am not afraidI was born to do this.”
 Joan Arc - “Get up tomorrow early in the morning, and earlier than you did today, and do the best that you can. Always stay near me, for tomorrow I will have much to do and more than I ever had, and tomorrow blood will leave my body above the breast.”
 Joan Arc - “You spoil the sacraments of the Church, you tear up the articles of the Faith, you destroy the churches, you break and burn the statues which were set up as memorials, you massacre Christians because they preserve the true Faith. What is this fury Or what rage or madness consumes you This faith, which God Almighty, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have revealed, established, elevated to power, and glorified a thousand ways through miracles - you persecute this Faith, you wish to overthrow and destroy it. You are blind, but not because you lack eyes or understanding. Do you believe that you will remain unpunished for it Or are you unaware that God opposes your unlawful efforts and will not permit you to remain in darkness and error So that the more you indulge yourselves in crime and sacrilege, the more He will prepare great punishments and anguish for you. As far as I am concerned, to tell you frankly, if I wasn't occupied in the English wars I would have come to see you a long time ago but if I don't find out that you have reformed yourselves I might leave off fighting the English and go against you, so that by iron, if I can't do it any other way, I will eliminate your mad and obscene superstition and remove your heresy or your life but if you would prefer to return to the Catholic faith and the original Light, then send your ambassadors to me and I will tell them what you need to do if on the other hand you are not willing and if you obstinately resist the spur, remember what damage and offenses you have committed and await me, who will inflict similar upon you with forces human and divine.”
 Joan Arc - “That is far too long, for her, for us and especially for a country that prides itself on exporting its belief in a free press to the rest of the world.”
 Joan Arc - “One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.”

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