My Favorite Quotes
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 Jessica Arceneaux - “It's very much a feminine way of expressing yourself in such a world that is fast paced.”
 Jonathan Arceneaux - “We just forget about it and play the next play. We don't worry about it.”
 Jonathan Arceneaux - “Two things can happen. We can make the playoffs and beat our cross-town rivals.”
 Jonathan Arceneaux - “It's been fun and a lot of hard work, but I've been glad with the outcome. I always said our senior year we'd be good. We're trying to do more than make the playoffs. That was our expectations at the beginning of the season.”
 Jessica Arceneaux - “The enjoyment comes from within, and we're not there to perform for you as much as to share with you what is important to us.”
 Jonathan Arceneaux - “The new coaching staff seemed like they're ready to renovate. They said I was too good for (junior college). I saw the spring game, and they looked like they were motivated.”
 Jonathan Arceneaux - “It wasn't a hard choice. They look at people that graduate from Rice.”
 Jessica Arceneaux - “I danced my whole life, and belly dancing made me feel more comfortable to be in my own body.”
 Jessica Arceneaux - “I like belly dancing because it gives women the chance to spend time away from their hectic lives. It's a very passive but energizing way to focus on oneself and to really get in touch with who you are as a person. It's a fun and exciting exercise that merges the mind, body and spirit.”