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 John Archer - “I'm a pedophile. You know that, ... I'm gonna look. He was feeding my habit. ... It's like crack. After you give them that one rock, you know he's gonna come back. He's hooked.”
 Howard Archer - “Manufacturers will be hoping that healthier growth in the euro zone and a recently softer pound will increasingly feed through to give them with a significant boost in 2006.”
 Howard Archer - “The combination of rising unemployment, falling employment and muted earnings growth is hardly supportive for consumer spending or, for that matter, extended sharp house price increases.”
 Howard Archer - “Euro region labor markets are finally beginning to see genuine, if somewhat limited, improvement, boosted by the pickup in growth since mid-2005. Rising employment is key to boosting consumer spending across the euro region.”
 Howard Archer - “The sector may see modest expansion in the first quarter of 2006, having been a major drag on overall growth in the fourth quarter.”
 Howard Archer - “The slowdown in euro zone growth will not deter the ECB from raising interest rates in March and a further hike remains very likely in June.”
 Howard Archer - “The euro zone's upturn is still young and relatively fragile with significant question marks still hanging over the long-term strength of domestic demand.”
 Mary Archer - “I value the privacy of my home and personal life extremely highly and am prepared to take appropriate measures to protect it.”
 Howard Archer - “House prices are likely to remain relatively flat for an extended period,”
 Howard Archer - “This increased housing market activity has clearly led to some recent firming in house prices, and there is undeniably a risk that prices could move sharply higher over the coming months.”
 Howard Archer - “The limited correction in the Halifax house price index in January following the marked rises during the latter months of 2005 reinforces our strong doubts that house prices will see sustained sharp rises over the coming months.”
 Howard Archer - “If house prices start to accelerate markedly, we believe buyer interest will diminish, thereby keeping a lid on prices.”
 Howard Archer - “UK imports of goods excluding oil ... rose for a fourth successive month in February, and by substantial 4.5 percent, suggesting that domestic demand may have surprised on the upside in the first quarter.”
 Mike Archer - “There are a few of them who are going to be negative no matter what happens and say everything's impossible, ... But already we've passed so many hurdles of those kinds.”
 Mike Archer - “We had a lot of people improve, but there were some who stayed the same and that's just not going to cut it. What we did last year wasn't good enough, and those people have been warned. We've got guys coming in here who might take your job. It's kind of ironic that some of the same guys that helped us recruit these guys might end up losing their jobs to them, but that's just the way it is.”
 Howard Archer - “Nevertheless, limited core inflation in January will not deter the ECB from hiking interest rates by a further 25 basis points on Thursday.”
 Richard Archer - “No, it's this decade, the one we're living in. It's the only thing that can influence you.”
 Howard Archer - “The evidence of marked improvement in the manufacturing sector further guarantees there will be no interest rate cut this Thursday. Indeed, we admit it is looking increasingly questionable whether interest rates will be trimmed further.”
 Howard Archer - “While the fourth quarter GDP data and the relatively healthy mix of the components further diminishes the chances of a near-term trimming of interest rates, we still believe a 25 basis point interest rate cut is very possible in May.”
 Howard Archer - “The latest data - including the improvement in manufacturing activity and current strength of the housing market - has increased the odds that the eventual next move in interest rates will be up.”
 Howard Archer - “This significantly reduces the prospects of any interest cut until at least August. Indeed, it increases the odds that the eventual next move in interest rates could be up.”
 Howard Archer - “We still believe UK interest rates will eventually be trimmed by a further 25 basis points, although not until August at the earliest.”
 Howard Archer - “We believe that interest rates will eventually come down by a further 25 basis points to 4.25.”
 Howard Archer - “Retail sales were significantly healthier than expected in September and August's sales were revised up, going a long way to killing off already fading hopes of a November interest rate cut.”
 Howard Archer - “Healthy mortgage lending data show that housing market activity extended its recent firmer performance in December. This is also borne out by the latest survey evidence consistently showing increased buyer interest.”

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