My Favorite Quotes
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 The Archives - “I got that one so well that it would've blown the guy's hand off,”
 The Archives - “We had information as to who he was and what he might be doing,'' Champagne said.”
 The Archives - “would not be able to support our corporate office and our support center for an extended period of time.”
 The Archives - “has not been discussed in any meeting I've been in. And I would estimate I've been in at least 100 meetings.”
 The Archives - “Mayors across this country are already sending supplies to these areas, we are providing housing for displaced citizens, and we will continue to provide cash donations for these affected areas,”
 The Archives - “We as a whole Kuwaiti nation will never, ever forget the time when the U.S. sent all their troops in 1991 to liberate my country. Many U.S. troops died for the sake of liberating my country and this is totally unforgettable.”
 The Archives - “With this first initiative from the Finance Committee - and there will be more in other areas where we have jurisdiction - we want the victims through all of the affected areas to know that they can count on us to create a set of measures that will return vitality and vigor to the Gulf region,”
 The Archives - “I tell them we may not be able to come together in a church building but we're still a church,”
 The Archives - “an opportunity to create wealth not only for yourself but for your children and your children's children.”
 The Archives - “Look, you know and I know that it's either Abraham or Einstein, but dammit, a free beer is a free beer”
 The Archives - “The guys were tough, gritty, with a never-give-up attitude.”