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 Tracy Archuleta - “I thought we pitched two good games. We were able to swing the bats a little better and put some pressure on the other team.”
 Tracy Archuleta - “We looked like a team that went outside for the first time. Our effort was that way and that's not acceptable.”
 Joe Archuleta - “It's always a fun game to watch. Two good programs go out and it's a battle like it was tonight.”
 Joe Archuleta - “Part of the reason they had errors is because we're hitting it hard. We hit some on the nose.”
 Joe Archuleta - “It's a great tournament for us to get our feet wet and have the kids get some work against good ball teams. We still are trying to fit kids in at places and so we were able to see what they can do.”
 Joe Archuleta - “The kids have been working really hard at winning the league title. It seems like we have 10,11 or 12 guys that seem to step up. Our courtesy runners are doing a good job. Offensively, one through nine are steady.”
 Joe Archuleta - “Jake has done a good job for us. He's able to spot his pitches and dictate to the hitters instead of letting them dictate to him he's pretty consistent.”
 Joe Archuleta - “We just want to be steady. Play consistent defense, swing consistent and give ourselves a chance to win.”
 Joe Archuleta - “We are really getting it going towards the end of the season. I really think this week the team's chemistry is great. They are really excited and are supporting each other going into the final stretch.”
 Joe Archuleta - “I feel real good about being 6-1. We're in the driver's seat and if we take care of ourselves it puts the pressure on the rest of the league.”
 Joe Archuleta - “We need to get back to playing our kind of baseball. We need to get every kid confident.”
 Joe Archuleta - “That was a good baseball game. I thought everything about that game was good.”
 Joe Archuleta - “He had good stuff today. He had a good fastball and was keeping kids off-balance with his breaking stuff.”
 Adam Archuleta - “It was going to take a lot for me not to sign with Chicago. It was important for me to go someplace where defense was important and they did things the right way. (Williams) was a guy I could play for who could make me better as a player, and this team is going places in this league.”
 Adam Archuleta - “I felt like it was going to take a lot to make me not go to Chicago, and I wanted to be as well- informed as possible.”
 Adam Archuleta - “There's a piece of me that's going to miss being in St. Louis. The fans there were great to me.”
 Adam Archuleta - “And those were just the front-runners. It makes me feel good at the end of the day, that two of the most respected defensive coaches in the league wanted me.”
 Adam Archuleta - “Last week was different than I was used to, it was serious. Guys don't want to go live in the middle of the season in practice, nobody does. But I think guys pretty much knew we had to get in gear. You don't like it. You don't like to have to hear those things, but evidently it works. We played a lot better, we were more physical, and we won.”
 Adam Archuleta - “I don't think our secondary has ever been stable since I got here. We have always had guys in and out of the lineup and guys getting hurt. There's always been a lot of turnover there. It's kind of the way it's been here for the past few years. It's something we have to deal with. Guys have got to step up. We have a lot of talented guys back there.”
 Adam Archuleta - “There's a lot of reasons, or a lot of ways you could come up with an excuse to shut it down. Or maybe feel sorry for yourself. I think this is a testament to our character.”
 Adam Archuleta - “If so, he had company. That's two weeks in a row, ... We've got to figure something out.”
 Adam Archuleta - “It's one of those things where when the quarterback breaks the pocket, we've got to cover the deepest receivers. We kind of left 'Fish' out on an island back there. We kind of hung him out to dry. ... We've just got to be disciplined.”
 Adam Archuleta - “They came out and pretty much had their way with us offensively.”
 Adam Archuleta - “It's embarrassing. We have to go out there and erase that from our memories. The only way to do that is to go out there and dominate this game.”
 Adam Archuleta - “Its one of the best feelings in football, ... Its great when you hear the fans and you know you just made a big play. Its an unbelievable feeling.”

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