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 Kurt Barnard - “Kmart's earnings were lower than a year ago, and the reason why they were lower is because there is a lot of money being invested in infrastructure. But it's going to pay huge dividends in the future, ... Kmart is finally very excellently positioned to turn around and create a very strong place in the sun.”
 Gabriella Goddard - “In the present, there is only the here and now.For the past is gone and the future has yet to arrive.”
 Darren Maynard - “He has a good future a head of him.”
 Henri Richard - “run hotter and offer minimal performance gains. We believe customers will see through this.”
 Ian Stannard - “Gains in commodities provided a positive backdrop for the Canadian dollar.”
 Hines Ward - “Everybody was ready to put Denver and Indianapolis in the championship game. We're the same team that went 15-1 last year and made it to the championship game. We're coming from a different perspective now, being on the road playing two tough road games. We all believed in one another, even if no one else did.”
 Russ Howard - “Brad is a student of the game and this is a very well-prepared young team. Usually young teams have a lot of flaws, in how they prepare for the games and strategy, but not these guys.”
 Trevor Howard - “It's like playing in our home gym. Without the fans we would never have won our last two games.”
 Ronnie Belliard - “I think it's going to exceed everybody's expectations. (The fans) are going to see a lot of big league players and good games.”
 Scott Ballard - “Overall, if you take away the first two weeks of the conference schedule, when we weren't playing well at all, I think we played pretty well. We won 10 games and could have had five or six more. With the way we finished the season out, we will have a lot to build on next year.”
 Scott Ward - “Jeter hit the ball pretty good that game. Watson Chapel played two games while we were on Spring Break. We were a little rusty with the bats. I think that might have hurt us a little bit. But the good thing is we didn't have any conference games this week. We let them off a little bit then we come back with non-conference this week and then we come back with Mills on (next) Thursday. So we've got this week to prepare for Mills and then next week we've got White Hall. By then, a lot of things will start shaping up.”
 Scott Ward - “Alex was on and when Alex is on, that's as good as it gets. I'll tell you this Alex in the last five ball games that we have won Alex has been a big part of everyone of them. I mean he is hitting the ball better than any one we've got. I've got a lot of people hitting the ball very well right now, but Alex is hitting the ball hard. That's senior leadership. Alex is doing it and the team is following him.”
 Cam Ward - “The nine-game winning streak is tremendous. But we're concerned about taking it day-by-day, and just trying to keep winning hockey games.”
 Chris Richard - “I think I'm kind of cocky a little bit because I beat them last year and I'm 3-1 in the last four games against them.”
 Corey Lessard - “Tonight the kids remembered that we'd lost to them 6-1 at the start of the year and I think it motivated them. These guys get up for big games, they really do.”
 Yvette Girouard - “They have a great pitcher. She's had two good games against us this year and their shortstop made probably three run-saving plays.”
 Rachel Sheppard - “It helps a lot. Last year we didn't have that other scoring threat inside. It helps a lot to have Kelly, especially in really close games when they try and key on you.”
 Damon Huard - “They really don't, ... There's so many games and so many plays involved that you never think it's going to come down to one play or one snap. But he had a way of pointing out what's really important. He knew when to hoot-and-holler and when to pull back.”
 Dwight Howard - “We can win games at home. But we seem to lose focus on the road.”
 Mitch Gaspard - “We're still looking for answers. It's been 30 games and we haven't shown a lot.”
 Ken Hibbard - “Kirtland has already played five games this season, and their coach said they've just been crushing the ball. But Garrett came in and gave up just three hits the rest of the way. He shut them down.”
 Marcus Ginyard - “Everything was his way or the highway, which was good. We came home and we weren't going anywhere until our homework was done. We weren't playing video games until all our homework was done. And the dishes better be done before he gets home from work.”
 Leslie Howard - “We knew February was going to be real tough. We've got three games left and we've got to find a way to win.”
 Jeff Ward - “It's been the team speed teams have against us. If we don't give up as many big plays as we have, we might have been in some more games. We tell them you can't take a play off.”
 Ron Sicard - “It was nice to end our stretch of eight games in 12 days with a win. It was a good close game to the end.”

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