My Favorite Quotes
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 Kin Hubbard - “A chap ort t' save a few o' the' long evenings he spends with his girl till after they're married”
 Eddie Izzard - “Its a secret, religious, weird, ceremonial rite of passage for girls that women know. Hopscotch, it was bizarre for boys, cause they never played it, and as a boy, I was behind walls, going, What- what happened What did they do What do they do here And they had a track laid out with numbers, mystic numbers- 1, 5 7, 8, you know A bit of a broken doll there, some girl keeping lookout with a skipping rope”
 Eugenia Blizzard - “I've always cautioned her about that. She trusted too many people. The girl would do anything for anyone she was a good-hearted person.”
 Dennis Ward - “He said he just couldn't handle it anymore. It had been a real struggle with this little girl with the disabilities she had.”
 Ryan Howard - “I just showed up and my name was in the lineup. After the second (home run) everyone was saying, 'Hey, give me the flu.”
 Pat Howard - “We didn't bring him back on in case he got a second yellow card. He was so enthusiastic after being out for so long and we were only going to give him 50 minutes anyway.”
 Bruno Julliard - “The Prime Minister has been weakened, and if we push a bit more he will give way.”
 Tristan Bernard - “To be happy with human beings, we should not ask them for what they cannot give”
 Marcus Ginyard - “It's dangerous to give a team like that momentum.”
 Mike Ward - “I am very proud of the team. We could have folded at halftime, but they came out and played hard and battled. We are a young team and we have been learning all year. This was another one of those lessons. We did not give up and I am very proud of that.”
 Andy Card - “give participation in the inquiry the highest priority.”
 Dell Leonard - “We wanted to spread it out maybe five or six feet to give our guards some bigger gaps. If we got up by 5 or 6 points, it was something we wanted to go to. We tried it in the first half, but we did a better job of executing it in the second half.”
 Liz Leonard - “We had the lead almost the entire game, but they just took it back at the end. They just clawed back and they're the type of team that if you give them an inch, they'll go after it. We played hard and we played well.”
 Rocky Bernard - “You can't put just anybody back there and simulate what Mike can do. With Seneca here, he's really going to give us a good look.”
 Ryan Howard - “Whatever they ask me to do, you give it a shot and see what goes on.”
 Jeff Ballard - “The Big 12 is always looked at as a powerhouse conference, and if we are to win this game it would give us a little more pride, a little more advantage knowing we can play with the best.”
 Paul Swangard - “You want to be using the off-season to generate momentum. And nothing has happened, from the stadium issue on down, to give much acceleration to that momentum. For every step forward, it seems like they've taken two steps backward.”
 Mitch Gaspard - “This team is certainly talented enough to duplicate a lot of feats that were accomplished last year. We have the bulk of our position players back. That should give us tremendous leadership both on and off the field.”
 Stuart Allard - “Everything is overpriced nowadays. Three dollars for a small popcorn Give me a break.”
 Courtney Ward - “They tried to take away the penetration at first. We kept going in and making the passes knowing something had to give.”
 Lyssa Dennard - “As a team we never give up. We made that run at the end. The excitement was there. We had the momentum. We did the best that we could. It just didn't work out for us.”
 Frank Rijkaard - “I think we deserved to get through and I congratulate the players. We said before the game that nothing was decided and that we had to play a good team which is very dangerous. We did well and we didn't give away many chances.”
 Larry Hazzard - “He only knows one style, to give it and take it. We all know Arturo Gatti is the poster child for extra testing.”
 Lewis Grizzard - “Instead of getting married again. I'm going to find a woman I don't like and give her a house.”
 Matt Ballard - “We always tell our kids to never give up. They just kept battling back.”

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