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 Wendy Ward - “I know she's thinking that everything has to be perfect. You have in mind these individual goals of how you want to remember your first round. You can put a lot of pressure on yourself that just doesn't need to be there.”
 Marc Savard - “We just worked hard. We weren't too cute. We threw pucks at the net and created traffic and got goals.”
 Ryan Howard - “The main thing right now is just going out and having fun. I know what I want to do. If I go out and have fun and relax, then all my goals should come true.”
 Steve Adlard - “It was a fighting, spirited game in tough conditions. We scored two goals and looked like we could have scored more. We got our offense started and that's encouraging.”
 Steven Gerrard - “He's a great player. He scores goals in the league, in cup competitions and also in the Champions League,”
 Steven Gerrard - “It was nice to get three goals, but I don't feel I have anything to prove,”
 Steven Gerrard - “We scored two good goals tonight and dominated for 70 minutes but we were all over the place for 20...Unfortunately, we let them back into it.”
 Paul Jerrard - “He's a role player guy. He's scored two big goals against Houston.”
 Keith Ballard - “It's been a while since I've scored, period. To have two goals in a game, I think I had two all of last year (in the American Hockey League). It's been a while, definitely. To get the winner was nice. It's fun for me and a big goal for our team.”
 Keith Ballard - “The bottom line is you're out there to score goals and when you don't do that, you're not doing your job.”
 David Woodward - “But there's a lot of pressure on governments to increase aid now to help meet the ( United Nations ) Millennium Development Goals in 2015,”
 Frank Rijkaard - “He's almost impossible to leave out because he's enormously talented but we've had chances and scored goals in the last two games, which have shown that we can function without him.”
 Glen Hansard - “You keep sending out these little paper boats, and hope that someday one will come back laden with gold.”
 Andre Ward - “You can learn a lot from the Olympics, but you have to learn the sport again when you turn pro. Just being an Olympian or a gold medalist isnt going to get you a break when you take off that headgear and start prizefighting. Youve got to prove yourself all over again, every day.”
 Peter Ward - “It doesn't surprise me -- gold is facing some big problems.”
 Ian Stannard - “The sentiment is turning dollar negative -- probably the biggest factor putting the dollar under pressure is the rise in oil prices and rise in gold prices.”
 Peter Hillyard - “We're in a different mindset now, where gold is seen as a fireball asset and the funds are switching money into it.”
 Wendy Ward - “This is a fun course because this is a side of golf we don't get to play that often - the hard, fast conditions.”
 Justin Leonard - “I played one of the days with Sam Jackson, George Lopez and Cheech Marin. I had a ball. Sam is over there contemplating the game of golf and what it means, all this other stuff. And Cheech and George are trying to figure out who has had the best one-liner so far. That just cracks me up.”
 Mark Woodward - “It's beyond my comprehension why it would be something that would get to that level. I can't for the life of me figure out why it's that complicated and why golf is so high on the radar screen.”
 Jim Hubbard - “This to me is a lot more challenging, ... I enjoy the creativity of art. It allows me to express myself, which I can't do in golf. I try, but I don't do very well.”
 Justin Leonard - “A couple of the greens are a little severe I think, but everybody's going to have to get through those holes. The golf course should be more difficult than last year.”
 Justin Leonard - “He didn't hit a ball for eight or nine days and didn't practice much before the British Open. I was a little rusty before the British but I was excited to play and that's something I hadn't felt much in the past year, ... When I struggle, I get home and think, I need to practice. Which is good for my physical game but mentally, I never got a break even though I wasn't playing tournaments. I worked so hard at home, my golf swing is fine now.”
 Dwight Howard - “Our coach said before the game, we got three good teams coming up in Miami, Dallas and San Antonio. We want to go out and try to beat all three teams. We started off tonight with a good win.”
 Chad Burckhard - “We wanted to do something we enjoy and to continue to operate in Minot. Because of previous employment, we have a lot of knowledge and expertise in sporting good equipment.”

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