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 Mark Ward - “The Muscular Dystrophy Association was one of the first Web sites. Basically, we did a lot of Internet searching and finding out all the good things they do.”
 Cal Hubbard - “Excellent. It's a good group, ... We won last weekend (at the Decatur Eisenhower Cleveland Invitational) and shot 311 and 320. Those are good scores. It was ideal conditions. But the kids played well. The second day we had three girls in the 70s.”
 Rocky Bernard - “Usually, guards are either really good run blocking or pass blocking. He does both so well. It's kind of hard to get after him because he's such a tremendous athlete.”
 Kurt Barnard - “These numbers come on the back of heavy discounting. The back-to-school period also fueled results. Beyond that, the situation last year in July wasn't good. So retailers were up against much easier comparisons.”
 Steven Gerrard - “I know Michael Owen wanted to come here. I have got a good enough relationship with him to know that. That he didn't was down to Liverpool not making it happen, rather than Michael not wanting to come.”
 Scott Ballard - “We had more good ball movement, made more plays and knocked down more shots in the second half than in the previous three weeks combined. It was a better game than the final score. We got a lot of things to build on.”
 Hines Ward - “Last year, going 15-1, everyone's patting you on the back telling you what a good job you did, it kind of got overwhelming. It can get overwhelming even for veteran guys.”
 Pat Howard - “If you've got a defensive line-out and a goal kicker to the standard they have, you've got the makings of a very good side.”
 David Heard - “She put up pretty good numbers for a guard. I really think she is probably the best pure 3-point shooter with range in the league and one of the best in the state.”
 Evans Bouchard - “She's always around the plate and she does a good job of throwing strikes. When they're not swinging, she's getting strikes.”
 Rebecca Norgard - “It was good to get out of that inning and score some runs later. I've told them that both wins we've had were huge team wins. Now we just need to get a conference win.”
 Al Hubbard - “There are very good laws on the books. What's important is that those laws are enforced aggressively.”
 Joe Borchard - “I'm very excited to be here. Starting with a clean slate here is a good thing for me.”
 Keith Ballard - “We couldn't quite get it done again. We played hard. But we game them too many chances and whatever chances we gave them were pretty quality ones. They did a good job taking advantage of that.”
 Scott Ballard - “We got a little bit impatient and didn't get as good of looks as we did in the first half. That and Northern is a good rebounding team.”
 Lacy Howard - “It's always good to have all aspects of the game come together and mold together. When we get all components working well is when we're our best. That's what we strive for at this point in the season.”
 Clive Woodward - “I'm delighted that Steve Hansen is picking a very good Wales team. Man for man they are a very strong side and I fully expect that our players will have a very tough test on Saturday.”
 Rachel Sheppard - “It feels really good. From the younger players to the seniors, everyone is stepping it up.”
 Steve Card - “It was a good solid start. We played a good front nine, being even par. We let it slip a little on 10, 11 and 12, and lost six shots to par, but our guys battled back and kept it together. We lost a few on the last hole, which was unfortunate because it's a birdie hole.”
 Fred Birchard - “The school board did a pretty good job of massaging the ballot language. They're deceivers and you get sucked in.”
 Amy Leonard - “We're the underdogs and that's a good position to be in.”
 Andy Card - “I do think that there were enough positives from the racing, and now we have a clearer idea of what we need to do. I saw enough good things to know that we are not done yet.”
 Anatole Broyard - “She was a spendthrift of the spirit, an American in Paris when, as Evelyn Waugh said, the going was good.”
 Cal Hubbard - “I've got a really good group this year,”
 Andy Howard - “It frustrates me when we take a step backward. We're not very good at fighting through when things don't go well.”

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