My Favorite Quotes
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 Andy Howard - “We have good kids, and they'll learn, but we have to get better at fighting through or we won't get where we want to go.”
 Daryle Ward - “He got a little comfortable, and then he caught his groove. It was kind of tough to get some pressure on him. He pitched a good game. He kept his composure and he didn't panic.”
 Carla Ballard - “We'll have our hands full. They're legit. Definitely, they have good team size.”
 Genevieve Simard - “I skied good and I couldn't have taken any more risks. I put myself in a good position and now I have nothing to lose.”
 Ron Hubbard - “When you can be your own best audience and when your applause is the best applause you know of, youre in good shape.”
 Ken Hibbard - “It was a good game. In the seventh inning, we had a runner on second. It could have gone either way.”
 Daryle Ward - “Ortiz was able to get some runs. He got a little comfortable and then he caught his groove. It was kind of tough to get some pressure on him after the third inning. He pitched a good game. He went all nine. He kept his composure and he didn't panic.”
 Chris Richard - “I don't have to pinch myself. I knew it was a good team from the beginning. It's just surprising to all of y'all.”
 Marcus Pollard - “It is tough to swallow a game like this, when we had a showcase to show how good we are.”
 Daryle Ward - “I only have one question 'Do I look good running the bases' Because I almost forgot how to do it. He just happened to leave a ball out over the plate, and I hit it the way I've been wanting to hit it for a while.”
 Shawn Woodward - “We put four good quarters together, which we haven't been able to do all that much so far this year.”
 Rafael Belliard - “We have a big field. It's good for him because he hits a lot of line drives.”
 Sheila Garrard - “That's the kind of thing that they are good at and what the market would like them to do.”
 Chris Richard - “If we get complacent with where we are now we could easily lose (to George Mason). It's not good enough now. We want to win the whole thing.”
 Scott Ward - “Newport is a good ball team and they are winning the conference that we are going into next year. They are winning that conference and we beat them twice. So, hopefully this can carry over to White Hall.”
 Scott Ward - “I thought that after the White Hall game and the first game especially we came back and hit the ball. We took that over to Warren where they hit the ball well. We scored 16 runs and they put the ball in play a lot. And Warren is a good ball team. They are undefeated in their conference and they won state last year. So, they've got some pretty good ball players. I was proud of our kids for that.”
 Mike Ballard - “The wings are really good, Beer's cold and good prices.”
 Steve Shephard - “Jen Orlando had a good meet. I'm very proud of her. She really did a great job this year. She stepped it up this year and did the best gymnastics that she had done in her whole career.”
 Kin Hubbard - “It seems that nothing ever gets to going good till there's a few resignations”
 Matthew Hoggard - “It's always good to get a wicket in your first over,”
 David Pickard - “He's a good shooter and he's only a 10th-grader. We go to him when we need a clutch basket.”
 Sylvain Guichard - “We're getting closer. They're very good, and we're not quite there. But at least we're competing with them now.”
 Frank Lampard - “The development of our relationship has been very good. I enjoy playing with Steven. He has been brilliant all season and has brought that into the tournament.”
 Dave Hilliard - “They unloaded in the second half. We played hard, but they just have a lot of really good athletes.”
 Dwight Howard - “It was more of me rushing my shots than anything. That's the biggest thing for me. I was making good moves, but at the end of my moves, I was rushing all my shots. I learned a lesson.”

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