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 Philip Zimbardo - “I have been primarily interested in how and why ordinary people do unusual things, things that seem alien to their natures. Why do good people sometimes act evil Why do smart people sometimes do dumb or irrational things”
 David Ricardo - “Whenever, then, the usual and ordinary rate of the profits of agricultural stock, and all the outgoings belonging to the cultivation of land, are together equal to the value of the whole produce, there can be no rent.”
 John Lombardo - “He's been impressive early on. We want Hank to be part of this thing for a long time, so this might be a better opportunity for Emerson to do some things. He has the potential to be an impact player behind the plate. He took the switch very positively and wants to learn and get better. We know it's early, but based on what he did last year with the bat and the potential he has defensively, it's an intriguing package.”
 John Lombardo - “Juan has built off of the success he had late in year with Texas. He has tried to solidify his status and is trying to compete for one of the open spots in the rotation. I think it is important that they are realizing that this is part of the opportunity to build and get better.”
 Elvis Picardo - “This is just a normal, healthy bout of profit-taking. It's been a one-way street since the October lows and the index was up close to 20 per cent in that time.”
 Michael Lombardo - “Don fought very long and hard... right to the end. Last night he was breathing very hard, trying to keep going.”
 Elvis Picardo - “Clearly, the markets are still looking for direction. I think the next bit of good news will be from the Fed, and if there is any hint of lower interest rates that should be really bullish.”
 David Ricardo - “In the same manner if any nation wasted part of its wealth, or lost part of its trade, it could not retain the same quantity of circulating medium which it before possessed.”
 Dave Lombardo - “Mike Patton is a genius... It is definitely the hardest music I've ever played.”
 Philip Zimbardo - “Heroes are those who can somehow resist the power of the situation and act out of noble motives, or behave in ways that do not demean others when they easily can.”
 Jose Fajardo - “He's a very shy kid, very quiet. He's a kid who needs that right motivation. When that thing hits him, he becomes a different person, he becomes more aggressive. That's what you need.”
 John Lombardo - “Motivation through fear was Woody's biggest coaching tool,”
 Philip Zimbardo - “What happens when good people are put into an evil place Do they triumph or does the situation dominate their past history and morality”
 Vince Lombardo - “We had some tough stretches in the middle of our season, but I'm proud of our improvement. We won some exciting games at the end of the regular season to build momentum for the tournament.”
 Frank DeBernardo - “Last year in this tournament we went 5-1, so we got in six games right there. So even if we're able to make up some of those games, there will be a disadvantage.”
 Vince Lombardo - “We've got a pretty good returning nucleus of guys. Our young guys played a big role in helping us make a nice run in the tournament, and I'm sure some other people will step up and help us out next year.”
 Philip Zimbardo - “What troubles me is the Internet and the electronic technology revolution. Shyness is fueled in part by so many people spending huge amounts of time alone, isolated on e-mail, in chat rooms, which reduces their face-to-face contact with other people.”
 David Ricardo - “The proportions, too, in which the capital that is to support labour, and the capital that is invested in tools, machinery and buildings, may be variously combined.”
 David Ricardo - “But a rise in the wages of labour would not equally affect commodities produced with machinery quickly consumed, and commodities produced with machinery slowly consumed.”
 Lenny DiNardo - “There are so many roles I feel like I can fulfill. Hopefully they take that into account. I was telling Schilling how lucky I was to be part of (the Red Sox) two years in a row. He said, 'Two years in a row isn't luck, buddy.' So I guess I'm spoiled.”
 Michael DiLeonardo - “I always said I'd have undying loyalty to that man. I love that guy.”
 Philip Zimbardo - “One can't live mindfully without being enmeshed in psychological processes that are around us.”
 Michael DiLeonardo - “I was a killer. I'll always live with the fact that I killed in my life.”
 Dean Berardo - “Some guys left the rink feeling they didn't play their best game, and that's tough. It didn't happen. We didn't get in synch. All year we've had a tough time when we don't score the first goal. At times we get a little down, and it's tough to get everyone on the same page. We would have loved to get to the semifinals, so that's disappointing. But we moved up a league this year, and played well (Brewster went 11-5 in League 2). Four of our losses were by one goal. So overall, the kids shouldn't be disappointed. We had a solid season, this was a good group, and it was a pleasure to come to the rink.”
 Frank Lombardo - “I don't think there is any advantage. Up until last year, I think we had a mental edge. But since they beat us last year, they got over the hump and now they know they can play with us.”

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