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 Bruce Arena - “I think we need to be patient with Eddie. He's just starting to come back. He's only played a couple of games since his injury in late May, so he's not completely in form at the moment.”
 Bruce Arena - “It's probably going to be contact by e-mail. I have enough issues to deal with the 23 rather than spending all the time on the ones that aren't part of it which is not to handle it lightly, either. I will do everything I can to give these players their due respect, but it's virtually impossible to deal with all of them on the phone.”
 Bruce Arena - “I think the first half we were a little sloppy in different parts of the field, but I think in the second half we were much more solid. Obviously, we could have scored more goals.”
 Bruce Arena - “They are a pretty athletic team and their forwards have scored some big goals for them. We told the team before the El Salvador game, in all honesty that the better team in the Panama-El Salvador game was Panama. We felt that Panama would be a harder game and I think it will turn out to be that way.”
 Bruce Arena - “He makes the plays that result in goals to beat you by passing, by combination play with teammates, or he can do it individually. He puts people on their heels, and because of his special talent, he makes everyone around him better and more confident. Given ... that the people around him are so good, it turns into a nightmare for everybody else.”
 Bruce Arena - “I was not surprised. We expected them to play the way they did. They had two obviously outstanding goals in the second half.”
 Bruce Arena - “He scores goals in big games and that's what a real goal scorer is about. Obviously, he's one player that we have to focus on.”
 Bruce Arena - “He looks healthy, fit and ready to go. For him, personally, it was a good move.”
 Bruce Arena - “I don't know. Maybe we lose with a different team on the field. Germany was missing some good players, too, so it goes hand in hand.”
 Bruce Arena - “Obviously, the two top teams in CONCACAF are the U.S. and Mexico. We have the one blemish on our record when we lost in the first part of the final round in Mexico City, so it's nice to get that back, and it's very special to qualify at home against our archrival.”
 Bruce Arena - “I don't think too many players played themselves onto our World Cup roster tonight, to be honest with you.”
 Bruce Arena - “There is a certain excitement here. When we come back in June, we hope to not come back and be such nice guests especially when we're playing such important games.”
 Bruce Arena - “He's had two very good games. He's certainly putting himself in a good position. It's going to be competitive right down the stretch for everybody. But Taylor certainly hasn't hurt his cause.”
 Bruce Arena - “I'm not saying anyone's in or anyone's out after tonight. But Taylor's chances are looking as good as they did (after the Norway game). He's had a good couple weeks, and he's certainly putting himself into a good position. Tonight's play didn't hurt.”
 Bruce Arena - “Well, he didn't hurt his chances. He's putting himself in very good position.”
 Bruce Arena - “I haven't even started thinking of a roster for Germany. Any of them (players on the roster) can be a question. If you're 25 with an injury, it could jeopardize your spot for next year.”
 Bruce Arena - “Over the past week he's finally physically and psychologically recovered from his turf toe injury. That has been an obstacle for Eddie for a good six months or so, and that's completely past him. ... I think over the next couple of months Eddie should be back in full form and be a player who's challenging certainly for a spot on the World Cup roster.”
 Bruce Arena - “For our players, it's also very good for them to be in a venue where they also get to play Italy and feel somewhat comfortable in this venue before we actually come back.”
 Bruce Arena - “I thought it was a well played game for both teams. Both teams had chances in the second half. I thought our team had a much improved effort in the last 45 minutes.”
 Bruce Arena - “I thought he did fine. He wanted the ball at the end of the game, which is good.”
 Bruce Arena - “This is the first time he'll be our starting goalkeeper so I know he's really looking forward to the challenge.”
 Bruce Arena - “There were lessons learned from the last time. We've really closely scrutinized the players. This time around we basically have a roster which we're very confident will be pretty fit.”
 Bruce Arena - “I think you're always going to agonize over the last spots, and this time around it's no different.”
 Bruce Arena - “I'm not sure he's been real patient. I think it's his time.”
 Bruce Arena - “The results in Guatemala and Costa Rica were not that critical to me. This one (against Panama) is. This is the one I want to win so we can end the year on a high note and at the same time, give some promising players some opportunities to play and start formulating some strategies for 2006.”

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