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 Gilbert Arenas - “We have veteran guys, guys who have been through the battles and know what it takes to pull out close games like this, ... It's not like we're going to panic when we get in those situations. We're not a young team anymore.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “We have more interchangeable parts than we did last year. We just have to get all of these interchangeable parts playing together and cooperating with each other. I've been out for a while. Caron missed a couple of games, Antonio missed some games as well as Jarvis, so we just have to get everyone back in the mix and we'll be fine.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “For the last three or four games, that's what we've been doing. The scorers are going to get their touches, but just making that extra pass makes it easier for us.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “We're stunned, too. We did a great job for a team that doesn't give up. We knew it was going to be a hard-fought game. We just tried to keep the pressure on. We were just hot tonight.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “It is war. Thats what the playoffs is. Its war, and we just wanted to give them hell, and thats what we did.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “He did good, but we teased him in the second half when he got barbecued.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “Eddie does a good job of not pounding us in practice and giving us days off where we can recover.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “We said we were going to keep him off his right hand and he went right all night. That's why he had a triple-double against us in his debut. If he's going to have a triple-double, they are going to win the game. We have to limit what he does to win this series.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “It's an honor. Thank you, David Stern.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “I'm not disappointed to not be picked by fans or coaches. I'm just happy I made it. It's an honor.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “Coach Jordan isn't going to risk a player getting hurt chasing a record.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “I didn't have any idea (the success would happen),”
 Gilbert Arenas - “I thought coach was going to put me back in but he just didn't. Once I looked at the stat sheet in the fourth quarter, but we were up 25. Maybe if it was a close game and we were fighting for the game. But when you're up 25, he's not going to jeopardize a player.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “I didn't have the best workout when I was there, but I really thought they were going to pick me.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “What happens when you try to shoot and the ball goes up in the air It's a foul. But we still got the ball to a great shooter. I thought it was going in. We all thought it was going in.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “While everyone's watching on TV, they need to be helping at the same time.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “To fill up the gym. It's playoff time. I've got to get ready. I've just got to be around it, be around the gym and get that in me.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “We're getting banged up at the worst time.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “It's that time of the season when you need every game. You have to go out there and bang it out.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “Winning time is when the game is that much more important. You don't just want to win. You have to do whatever it takes to win.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “We're just shooting ourselves in the foot right now and we have to correct it. It's about time we start sewing up all our bad habits in the last 26 games.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “The last time he stuck me, I scored 41 points when he was with the Wizards and I was with the Warriors, ... You print that. He's going to laugh about that one because I tease him about it all of the time.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “I already had it in my mind. It's time for elimination. I'm the terminator. I'm in terminate mode, and I'm trying not to get out of it.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “We did our job, but when a team is doing badly it's usually because they are breaking down offensively. We were just there at the right time.”
 Gilbert Arenas - “First time on television, we won. It was a special moment for us.”

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