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 Tony Tavares - “This partnership will best serve the loyal fans in Washington, Maryland and Virginia. We are excited that all of our fans will be able to tune into our games from March until the season's last pitch.”
 Al Mijares - “It's important to give students a forum to discuss current affairs. But they need to engage in these conversations in the classroom, the most objective and ideal setting.”
 John Mares - “We never say die. We didn't give up. We had plenty of chances to give up, but we hung in there.”
 Josh Soares - “We knew they could score goals. Our job was to not let them.”
 Tim Hares - “It shows you how good of wrestlers (they are) and how much hard work is put into it to reach the Finals.”
 John Mares - “I'm really happy about the way we played tonight. Goliad is a really good first game for the guys, they're aggressive and they really get after you.”
 John Tavares - “Either or is going to be incredible and I hope to be there.”
 Tony Tavares - “It's a look you often see in D.C. It feels like being cured after having a long illness. The good thing is we're healthy again. I anticipate this being a pitcher's park.”
 Thelma Soares - “I do not know why he felt it was necessary to kill her, ... He does not even know why he did it.”
 Shelley Fabares - “I was dying but suddenly had a second chance at living.”
 Shelley Fabares - “I waited with a beeper for a year and 10 months to get that gift.”
 Shelley Fabares - “I had to have a complete liver transplant.”
 Shelley Fabares - “We need to appreciate how precious life is.”
 John Tavares - “My first learning curve was right here in this game, ... My first three games, I thought I played excellent. I'm going to have to get over this one and look forward to the next games coming up.”
 Tony Tavares - “The key issue for the new owner is acting with some certainty on some issues. He'll be able to act in a more decisive way than I can. It's time for people to get some certainty. I'm looking forward to it. I know most of my staff are looking forward to it.”
 Josh Soares - “We know that it comes down to special teams all the time and we're really happy with how our special teams have been this year. We've always had a great penalty kill and this year we were able to bring our power play up.”
 John Mares - “Any time you can get focused like that you should be able to put some points up on the board.”
 John Mares - “Clayton has the best hands of anyone that has come through this school in a long time.”
 John Tavares - “We're trying to bid for the Memorial Cup when it comes back to the OHL and we're getting a new arena, ... It will be a long time, but I think it will be a great experience too.”
 Bill Tavares - “It's a pretty exciting time going into these games. We were strong in 2002 and we're just as strong -- or stronger -- now.”
 John Tavares - “I've been able to handle the pace, ... I've got four goals in four games so I feel pretty good. Obviously today wasn't a great day, but hopefully I can come back next week and have a good one.”
 Walid Phares - “It works very well, (but) it will seem strange to American eyes. No lawyers doing battle with each other, no O.J.-type trial dramatics.”
 Bill Tavares - “If you saw these ladies in front of me, you would understand they're not petite. That's not in a bad way. These girls are strong girls. They're not gymnast size. They're 5-8, 5-9, 170 pounds and all muscle, strength and speed. I'll put these girls against anybody in terms of strength and speed.”
 Tony Tavares - “If we don't start moving, we're going to be scraping the bottom of the barrel, ... You lose people every now and then if you wait.”
 Al Mijares - “English is really the centerpiece of all our work. If a student does not know English, they won't do well in math, science or the other core subjects.”

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