My Favorite Quotes
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 Glenn Argenbright - “If nobody is going to buy this thing, then nobody in private industry is going to support it. It comes down to what will the consumer accept as an annoyance and a privacy risk.”
 Glenn Argenbright - “We are very pleased to reach a favorable settlement with Digital Persona regarding our patent rights. This settlement demonstrates the relevance of our intellectual property portfolio to the challenges faced everywhere today to secure computer networks against intrusion and loss. We believe that our patents and intellectual property are valuable assets, and we will continue to vigorously protect our rights.”
 Glenn Argenbright - “My hope is you can go into Starbucks, buy your paper and coffee, and go through the security line with one card.”
 Glenn Argenbright - “The Registered Traveler Program is a significant step forward in the effort to balance aviation security and traveler convenience. It's a win-win proposition for consumers, businesses, airports, airlines and for the government. While travelers enjoy a more relaxing, less time consuming security screening process, the government can focus its security resources on more likely potential threats.”