My Favorite Quotes
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 Clifford Sargento - “This team wasn't supposed to win all of these games. But we stayed positive and got it done.”
 Dario Argento - “When I was five. That's when I started to love film.”
 Dario Argento - “When I was a teenager, I read a lot of Poe.”
 Dario Argento - “When I see a film I've finished, it's like another person made it. Like another mind.”
 Dario Argento - “The psychiatrists examine you and ask you about your life and work, and then they decide whether your film can be shown or not. It's a horrible experience.”
 Dario Argento - “It's incredible that they censor films. It's sad.”
 Dario Argento - “It irritated me that my fans kept wanting me to retread old ground.”
 Dario Argento - “In Italy the censor is very old and there are many judges and psychiatrists who analyse you.”
 Dario Argento - “In each of my characters there is a little of me. Not strictly autobiographical but a little piece of my soul.”
 Dario Argento - “I'm very interested in portraying homosexual man and woman in my films because I'm interested in their lives and their problems.”
 Dario Argento - “I want to do what I want when I want to do it not be dictated to by audiences.”
 Dario Argento - “I like films to have something inside, I don't mean a message, I mean something from the soul.”
 Dario Argento - “I also don't like films that are made just to make money, no this kind of film I don't like.”
 Dario Argento - “Goblin was a new band and this was their first major work. The oldest of them was only 18. They were very talented and I wanted to give them a break.”
 Dario Argento - “Every writer, to some extent, writes about himself.”
 Dario Argento - “But no one should have the right to manipulate my films in the first place.”
 Dario Argento - “There's nothing gratuitous about my films.”
 Asia Argento - “People's attitudes about sex aren't healthy anywhere, except maybe in those tribes where they go around naked.”
 Asia Argento - “What you might see as depravity is, to me, just another aspect of the human condition.”
 Dario Argento - “Then I realized my early work did have something special that audiences adored apart from what I humbly thought about them. They occupy a distinguished niche in Italian film history and probably always will.”
 Dario Argento - “I went through a phase where I thought nostalgia was a bad thing.”
 Dario Argento - “So I haven't thought about the critics for a long time.”
 Dario Argento - “If you make a film normally it's all right, the distributors are helpful and cooperative. But if you make a film that's a little stange, a little bizarre, then all the time it's a struggle with them.”
 Dario Argento - “I like to watch many things, especially strange films and something recent, not just the story.”
 Dario Argento - “I wanted to get back to my style of 20 years ago after a long period of exploring horror and fantasy themes.”

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