My Favorite Quotes
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 Ariel Sharon - “It is important to remember that political concessions which will be made in the future -- as those made in the past -- are irreversible.”
 Ariel Sharon - “We will hit Islamic Jihad very hard. We will not give them any respite,”
 Ariel Sharon - “These bodies will not give up on terrorist actions, and therefore, the more that we move the process forward, under the aegis of a temporary quiet, the more we will be hostages to these same organizations, who will explode the process like they did in 2003,”
 Ariel Sharon - “in its current format is unable to lead Israel to its national goals.”
 Ariel Sharon - “Then I will quit. We will go. All the Labor Party. We'll move out of this government.”
 Ariel Sharon - “What 6,000 bombs (attacks by Palestinians) didn't do to my home and my village the government did.”
 Ariel Sharon - “They (United States) want to cooperate very closely with my government,”
 Ariel Sharon - “This is very grave, and you should remember this.”
 Ariel Sharon - “sends a deadly message that encourages terror on the one hand and prevents countries from protecting themselves against it on the other.”
 Ariel Sharon - “This terrorist event was a deliberate attempt to harm the fabric of relations among all Israeli citizens,”
 Ariel Sharon - “stands at the head of terror.”
 Ariel Sharon - “Arafat is welcomed around the world with a red carpet, ... he behaves as the head of terrorists and murderers.”
 Ariel Sharon - “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted A time to break down and a time to build up”
 Ariel Sharon - “The past year was complex and difficult, ... I hope that next year will be a year of uniting the ranks.”
 Ariel Sharon - “I hope he will behave like a human being.”
 Ariel Sharon - “We attach vast importance to Egyptian activity in the Gaza Strip and along the border, but I don't intend to allow Egypt to become a mediator between Israelis and Palestinians,”
 Ariel Sharon - “Only Israeli political initiative will retain our strong grasp of the large settlement blocs and security areas,”
 Ariel Sharon - “Jewish terror ... aimed against innocent Palestinians, out of twisted thinking, aimed at stopping the disengagement.”
 Ariel Sharon - “We of course have no interest in striking civilians and are always sorry over civilians who were struck,”
 Ariel Sharon - “He who rises up to kill us, we will pre-empt it and kill him first.”
 Ariel Sharon - “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer”
 Ariel Sharon - “Any appeal by the new leadership will be seen and tested in light of the implementation or non-implementation of two main issues, which could be carried out easily and immediately.”
 Ariel Sharon - “There is no bullet-proof vest in my size.”
 Ariel Sharon - “Everyone there should move, should run, should grab more hills, expand the territory. Everything that's grabbed, will be in our hands. Everything we don't grab will be in their hands.”
 Ariel Sharon - “This terrorism is being directed, promoted, initiated by one person, Yasser Arafat,”

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