My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Ariola - “I was real happy with Gill he came in and gave us some good innings. He throws strikes which is good and we have been wanting to get ho, some work because we feel he can be a guy for us. He will definitely get some innings when we start getting more games in.”
 Dan Ariola - “That happens. We hit the ball well that was the most hits we've had in a long time. W e just didn't do the job on the base paths. Ten hits should mean 10 runs for us.”
 Dan Ariola - “Turay had the big shot and it was nice to get the early lead. That was big because we didn't know whether this would be a five-inning game or not (because of the weather).”
 Dan Ariola - “All three of them are competitive kids and they have always been successful players. Brendan wasn't a surprise, I have seen what he could do for the past couple of years. Sometimes sophomores come up to varsity and have trouble adjusting right away but he has really been a good player for us.”
 Dan Ariola - “We only play two games a week, so if we have to add a third game it isn't too bad. We just haven't been getting the practice time, but the guys are trying to stay sharp.”
 Dan Ariola - “They just had that one inning. That was a high school baseball inning. They got walks and errors and one hit. You don't see a lot of teams stringing six and seven hits together to score runs.”
 Dan Ariola - “Wood came out here and beat us. You have to give that guy credit. He really competed and then they had that one big inning. We are still playing well right now we should be happy to be 9-2. We beat these guys two out of three and now we need to look ahead.”