My Favorite Quotes
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 Preston Clark - “I have a lot of additional responsibilities coming in the near future.”
 Matthew Clark - “If you've got rapid loan growth, it could take a while for problems to surface. It's hard to know how that would pan out the future.”
 Mike Clark - “The Park Service is upholding the law and responding to the public, and future generations will be grateful,”
 Helen Clark - “I'd recommend they hang on to them, because I am absolutely convinced that Air NZ has a viable future.”
 Ted Clark - “A one-size-fits-all strategy is not the wave of the future.”
 James Park - “The markets should have held on to gains after the jobs report, ... What we're seeing is definitely a reaction to the terror threat level being raised.”
 James Park - “It's kind of a holiday snoozer, ... All of the big players have locked in their gains for this year. It's just going to be quiet with exaggerated movements because of low volume this week.”
 James Park - “The market was under pressure for most of President Bush's speech. Once that was over, tech led a rebound on gains for Intel and a turnaround in shares of Oracle.”
 Richard Park - “It was good to contribute. It was really big for our hockey team, we've been on the short end of the stick the last couple of games but this will be a boost for our team.”
 Lenny Clark - “We moved the ball well on offense and shot over 40 percent from the field. It was one of our better games of the season.”
 Jeff Clark - “That's what Danny does. Danny is a phenomenal player. Big games, that's his style.”
 Russell Mark - “Everyone else is running around with Commonwealth Games medals. My wife's had two of them.”
 Chris Clark - “If two guys are going to go, right away as soon as he's into the zone, it means there's always going to be someone open. After 40 games, people are starting to realize that this is the guy they have to go to.”
 Dallas Clark - “Next question. One-hundred sixteen That's a lot of games. It shows you his consistency, his dependability. He's always there, always ready to play.”
 Jack Clark - “I think the seniors will play hard. This is a single elimination tournament and it's a really amplified view through the lens of someone who has at most four games left and as few as one. They'll bring a lot of urgency to the contest.”
 Jason Clark - “It's tough to win four games in the other team's building. Hat's off to them, they're a very classy team. They played very well.”
 Michelle Clark - “Almost every gift that comes to the school is already restricted.”
 Tony Clark - “Cathy Clark was in the library and heard noises. This girl came up screaming ... like, 'Someone's got a gun.' She said get under the table. So everyone got under the table, ... These two guys came up and they were shooting randomly -- there was bombing, I guess, downstairs and people were screaming.”
 Katy Clark - “We didn't want to give up we came here to win. They were just as tough, but we fought to the end and didn't give up.”
 Amanda Clark - “I figured they could use as much as we can give.”
 Peter Goldmark - “I went to the government to seek help from our counterterrorism experts, ... The counterterrorism officials then in the White House refused to give us any help.”
 Tom Park - “Retail is competitive, so we have to keep up with those changes. But our brand, our characters give us an advantage that no other retailer has.”
 Chan Park - “I had hard times, but I didn't give up. The injury got better, and the pitching and focus got better, and a better team and better people people (who) make me more comfortable.”
 Connie Clark - “It's something that we knew was probably going to be inevitable. We decided to give her the start against UNLV and let her get it out of the way and were able to focus on Arizona the next day.”
 Lisa Hark - “We did want them to try new foods. We wanted to give them something that is unique and different and healthy.”

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