My Favorite Quotes
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 Sharon Clark - “Offensively Youngstown State is a very good team,”
 George Clark - “That was a good win for us, ... We finally put together a full game. The players should be proud because they did it as a team”
 Bobby Clark - “Brian's done a great job with this one, ... He did a good job with last year's goalie Chris Sawyer as well. ... He does a fabulous job with all the goalkeepers.”
 Mike Clark - “Both keepers were strong and both teams created good chances,”
 Gary Clark - “I was just a very emotional player. I wore my emotions on my sleeve. I pretty much told you how I felt. I didn't mince words, so to speak. If I felt bad, I let you know that I felt bad. If I felt you were playing sorry, I told you. If I was playing sorry, I told myself that. I came from an era when losing really hurt. I didn't see anything good about it.”
 Gary Clark - “Nobody felt good about the way it ended. But the reality is we all believe we can be competitive at the top of the conference that's the goal, and we think it's pretty close.”
 Severna Park - “It's all in good fun, ... When they (crew members) do good it reflects well on all of us.”
 Joni Clark - “For longitudinal recording to reach those capacities, you would have to add another platter and more heads, and that's just not feasible--it's no longer a notebook drive. With the growth and capacity changes, perpendicular recording seemed like a good fit.”
 Ed Clark - “I've got some good days, I've got some bad. (But my) game has definitely improved.”
 Ed Clark - “It seems like a good cause. I've been watching it on TV and, it makes me want to help.”
 Trevor Clark - “Cobb had a good game and Miles, for his inexperience, placed the ball well. Once he gained his composure, he gave us a good inning.”
 Todd Clark - “The other tobacco, if we were to get a couple of days' rain it could become pretty good.”
 Todd Clark - “This type of a pattern is actually pretty good, and I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to rally them back again late in the day.”
 Todd Clark - “We're basically consolidating what has been a favorable week. We've had some strong economic data and a pretty good decline on crude for the week.”
 Ann Clark - “It is good for the voters to see them, ... Our aim is to educate voters.”
 Wesley Clark - “because I believe in open, honest government, where we hold our leaders accountable.”
 Helen Clark - “looking for as broad a base of support and for as stable a government as possible.”
 Helen Clark - “Further talks to progress arrangements around forming a government are likely to be held in the coming week.”
 Jason Mark - “The federal government has to factor in these new fuel prices. That 50 cents a gallon suggests consumers will be much more willing to pay for high fuel-efficiency vehicles.”
 Helen Clark - “the government was renewing and refreshing itself for the third term in government.”
 Tom Clark - “Some polls suggest 56 per cent of the American population feels less secure about what their government can do to protect them than they did before Katrina,”
 Debra Clark - “(Hughes) had a pretty solid career. I'm most happy about her growth and development as a human being. She is really taking on a leadership role.”
 Ken Clark - “You could have a district that may grow 8 percent overall, but it doesn't mean that you'll have an 8 percent growth per grade level. It doesn't work that way.”
 James Clark - “Everything we are doing this year goes towards the reversal to growth in profitability.”
 Reuben Mark - “Good growth, together with strong margin improvement in every division, drove us to another record in both dollar profit and profitability, ... Every geographic area met or exceeded our volume expectations despite economic problems in some areas of the developing world.”

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