My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Clark - “Anybody who knows that part of the United States knows its rather sorry history,”
 Don Park - “It adds some history to a campus and kind of ties together some of the various generations that have gone there.”
 Maxine Clark - “We are pleased with our performance and progress in the first quarter, especially since the first quarter of last year included sales generated by the Easter holiday. This year, the Easter holiday fell in April and is in our second quarter.”
 Dick Clark - “It will be good to be back in New York again for New Year's, and I'm elated that Ryan has agreed to join me in ushering in New Year's on America's favorite holiday special.”
 Tim Clark - “In a way we were lucky we didn't get a call for a Hollywood blockbuster, although I'm sure we would have figured out a way to accommodate them.”
 Bob Clark - “I wanted to start with the Hollywood part, a la 'Sunset Boulevard,' ... We needed to know something about these people. ... Then let's go back and see how she got to this state.”
 Jim Clark - “If he was competent and honest, then he assumed it would allow the system to work, and he always worked on the assumption that the people on the other side operated in the same way.”
 Ryan Clark - “He told me Monday he was staying. The one thing you learn about him is he's honest and he's loyal. He believes in what we're building around here.”
 Andrew Park - “It is an honor to go to the same school as him.”
 Mike Clark - “Our team was 31-4 this year, and he had all the numbers to go with it. We're extremely proud that he was named first-team All-state, and to get the most votes and be Player of the Year is certainly an honor he deserved.”
 Doug Clark - “The Battle of the Bay is always something to look forward to, and to play for two teams in the Bay Area and see both sides is a real honor. If they're our rival, I'm on this side now.”
 Rodney Clark - “I left two of my kids behind. I talked to them they were stranded in a hotel, but I hope they got out and went to Houston.”
 Ed Clark - “You hope that one or both of them win a race right before our race. I know that in the past, when Bill Elliott won it always boosted sales here.”
 Chris Clark - “We'll do our best. Nothing is done yet. We're awfully happy to be where we're at, but I hope the girls aren't settling for anything. We haven't accomplished what we set out to accomplish just yet.”
 Wesley Clark - “We have decided we are going to end this phase of the journey even more full of hope and even more committed to building a better America,”
 Mack Clark - “We've only got one (assistant) at Long Creek and we're supposed to have three like at Greenlee. I hope we're not finding loopholes to not do what we're supposed to do.”
 Marcia Clark - “Let's hope they do the right thing.”
 Wesley Clark - “When you raise the alert level, you've got to do it in a way that you're explaining and laying out as much as you can about why it is that you're doing it, what you hope to achieve from it, ... Late Edition.”
 Jason Clark - “We hope to see the event increase in size and scope,”
 Kelly Clark - “I found out there is a lot more joy and hope and eternal things in the world than snowboarding.”
 Ben Clark - “After Katrina hit, everyone focused on that. But I feel there's still a need for financial help for victims of the tsunami, and I hope we will hit the same (dollar) amount we did last year.”
 Howard Stark - “Because they could never cure what she got in the hospital.”
 Desmond Clark - “Whether I'm at home or in a downtown hotel, I'm going to be the same person and pretty much do the same things I'd otherwise do. Of course, you've got some knuckleheads -- but none on this team -- that might try to bend or violate the rules. So that's why they adopted that practice.”
 Christopher Clark - “Thats when Clark called the Bella Vista division of the Benton County Sheriffs Office and was told it was illegal to own a mortar round. The deputies came out to his house and told him he needed to call the Springdale Bomb Squad to take away the bomb. It was a cluster bomb, ... Thats what the bomb squad said.”
 Joan Ark - “My brother Mark still lives in the house we grew up in.”

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