My Favorite Quotes
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 Richard Clark - “We believe they will improve our earnings-per-share and ultimately enhance our shareholder value.”
 Megan Roark - “Everyone can always improve with their pitching. This was a good place for me to start again to get ready for the Big Ten games coming up.”
 Bobby Clark - “I think we're now beginning to become a team. I don't think we're a team yet but we're getting very close to it. We start off at the beginning of preseason a new group of guys, then I look at every game, we should become more and more of a unit ... we always say that every game were going to improve a little bit every game.”
 Victor Clark - “There were attempts to improve the work conditions of the police, but the corruption continued as in other administrations.”
 Rob Clark - “We believe that any changes or new solutions should be developed at the federal level by private and public payers and industry.”
 Matthew Clark - “We have absolutely no bearing and no influence on what the industry is saying.”
 Michael Clark - “Dan Flood exercised every ounce of political power and influence he had, and he had a lot, to get the federal agencies moving.”
 Michael Clark - “It's one of my most pure pieces, and not just the way it looks. Balanchine felt able to not use all his ideas, not to cram in information. I try to achieve that. It's another step closer to some kind of ideal. But it's not so simple as a classical notion of purity.”
 Tom Clark - “The potential is there for transmissible outbreaks and we want to be able to respond to these as quickly as possible, but also to have up-to-date information,”
 Don Clark - “I don't want the public to be confused about these names. I want the public to be focused on what this person looks like and (on) as much information as we can tell them about his habits.”
 Bob Clark - “I got as much information as I could and started working my way toward where the suspect was,”
 Rick Clark - “Tuesday's incident was an awful thing, horrendous, ... We are really thankful the library staff was there and attentive and took the initiative to do something about this.”
 Dallas Clark - “There are so many good players out there who never truly get to shine, ... They get back, get rolling, then there's another injury. That's the last thing you want is to get that injury label on you.”
 Bobby Clark - “Clark credited the goalkeeping efforts of Chris Cahill, who had his second shutout of the weekend and was named to his second straight all-tournament team. You really can't start off much better that that, ... We were playing without starting defender Dale Relias who was out with an injury so our defenders played very well.”
 Ramsey Clark - “Both trials are marred with injustice, both are flawed.”
 James Clark - “Obviously we would have preferred it if the judge had awarded zero dollars in restitution. We really have to see what's going to happen with determining the interest and any offsets from settlements by other parties to know whether it makes sense to appeal this.”
 Linda Clark - “Those two factors, when we sat down and went through it, helped the board decide that the responsible thing to do is the Proposition 39 bond, where we will pay less in interest and generate more in proceeds.”
 Ron Clark - “Visit the class to see what's going on. Offer to chaperone trips. The teacher may end up being more supportive because you're taking interest.”
 Grace Park - “She brings that much more interest to the game.”
 Helen Clark - “I got interest rates down - 15 and a half per cent in 1988 to seven and a half when I left, ... Madam”
 Richard Clark - “We've got a good department. We've got a lot of good officers working for the public and protecting their interest.”
 Kevin Clark - “Even though interest rates are creeping up slightly, demand continues to be strong.”
 Michael Clark - “His interest is in his ego not getting in the way of choices.”
 Helen Clark - “Winston has never taken any great interest in foreign policy, so that one looks a bit more remote.”
 Tom Clark - “The guy has national and international credibility and a huge following. It makes a statement that this is an attractive market.”

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