My Favorite Quotes
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 David Clark - “I'm not at all picking on the Internet -- the Internet does what it does well, ... But there are some things where you say, 'That doesn't work right.'”
 David Clark - “We might just be at the point where the utility of the Internet stalls--and perhaps turns downward.”
 Bill Clark - “I know that telephone pitches and solicitations have gone down some. But we are seeing a big increase in Internet-related theft.”
 Tom Clark - “To so interpret the language of the act is to extract more sunbeams from cucumbers than did Gulliver's mad scientist.”
 Andrew Clark - “They tend to hold investment grade paper, no junk, and they more often than not tend to have a fairly heavy exposure in the Treasury market which has no risk of default.”
 Nick Clark - “This is exactly the type of investment which can appeal to those City workers who are used to speculating on assets and deals in their professional lives.”
 Matthew Clark - “Investment banks at the moment would rather acquire teams, buy boutique businesses or increase their presence in emerging markets.”
 William Stark - “We think both of them should go to jail.”
 Mike Clark - “like an endless journey.”
 Steve Clark - “Remember, it's the judge who decides the sentence.”
 Steve Clark - “If the judge is saying the maximum, there's not much incentive to plead guilty.”
 Helen Clark - “Well, look, that's not for me to judge. I have a completely different style.”
 Michael Clark - “We do not know the outcome of the charges, but we are here not to judge him but to support him as a brother in Christ,”
 Robert Mark - “There must be justice for the accuser as well as for the accused”
 John Clark - “I just wanted to get them out. I'm here alone, they could rob me, kill me. I'm just glad he was gone.”
 John Clark - “Knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns”
 William Clark - “Among the most important requirements for supporting knowledge and power users is seamlessly managing secure user login and authentications while they are mobile. As more devices support multiple networking technologies, like 3G and WLAN, more users will be switching from one network to another, which can be a very cumbersome re-authentication process if not well-managed.”
 David Neumark - “The Effects of Wal-Mart on Labor Markets,”
 Don Clark - “We'll pick up trash first. If labor is available, we'll do more.”
 Joan Ark - “You've got to realize that any lady on a soap is devoting her life to it, 247.”
 Nick Park - “I think it's because Lady Tottington and Victor are aristocrats,”
 Amy Clark - “Anytime anyone can do something academically, then kids see it everywhere. Now with ISTEP it's not just English, language arts and math, it's also science in fifth grade. That will trickle down eventually.”
 Kathy Clark - “Sign language is for everyone.”
 Grace Park - “I kept telling myself it's never too late to start playing well. I'm glad I'm turning it around.”
 Dick Clark - “Late Show With David Letterman .”

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