My Favorite Quotes
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 Annabelle Arki - “We understand that some groups can be shocked by the publication of certain information, but there are legal means -- in Denmark and elsewhere -- to resolve this problem. They can file defamation charges in courts.”
 Annabelle Arki - “This is totally paradoxical. Denmark is one of the countries in the world where press freedom is the most respected. And there is no press freedom or almost no press freedom in Arabic countries, so thats probably why they cannot understand that a newspaper can be independent from the state and can independently from the state publish information it chooses.”
 Annabelle Arki - “To threaten people and to accuse a country because a newspaper has published some cartoons or some information that could be interpreted as offensive for one group or another is completely inappropriate.”
 Annabelle Arki - “It's a clear message addressed to the journalists in order to dissuade them from criticizing the authorities. It's obvious that referring to terms like territorial integrity, religious hostility, violence, the Uzbek authorities mean that they are afraid of another riot or revolution.”