My Favorite Quotes
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 Ryan Garko - “That's real unusual, but I thought Ted had real good stuff and just kind of lost it for a while. Sometimes that can happen. In a close ballgame like that, we were fortunate to get that off him.”
 Chad Arko - “Connor flat out dominated. Only three balls were hit to the outfield today.”
 Bart Szarko - “We were trying to build on our momentum from (the CB West victory). We ran into a really good football team. The kids knew. We weren't trying to paint any pictures. We didn't make plays.”
 Josh Marko - “There were plenty of chances to take advantage with the ball being loose on so many plays. The opportunities were there, but most of the balls ended up going the wrong way.”
 Josh Marko - “They'll probably meet up 15 years from now and talk about tonight's game.”
 Chad Arko - “That's really an impressive number.”
 Bart Szarko - “We're not even going to watch the tape. Our non-league schedule is over. We're going to get ready for Souderton (an away game 7 p.m. Friday night, Sept. 23).”
 Ryan Garko - “You know. If a guy has a page of 12 cards, you know he's selling them. A lot of guys, you get to know them. They like to trade with their buddies on the East Coast. A lot of guys just like to trade them, and it's their hobby. I've always tried to sign. You just respect the guys. If that's what they enjoy -- even if they're going to sell them -- it's something they enjoy and they're going to make the trip to the ballpark to do it, you've got to sign.”
 Bart Szarko - “Tony worked so hard in camp. We're hoping he comes back. The timetable says he will. He's a leader.”
 Ryan Garko - “The great thing about being in the major league camp is that you get to face more major league pitchers, which helps you learn how they go about trying to get outs. I also like being here because it gives me a chance to see how the veterans get ready for the season. It's not about being ready to play on March 15, it's about getting yourself ready for opening day.”