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 Roone Arledge - “They're indispensable. They're the glue that holds a newscast together.”
 Roone Arledge - “We probably paid Cassie a little more than we had to but it was done because I wanted to make a statement that we are here and we're serious.”
 Roone Arledge - “If you don't have the rights, you can't do the show.”
 Roone Arledge - “I'm sensitive about my image of being hard to reach.”
 Roone Arledge - “I think people tuned in a lot to see Barbara when she first came here and they just didn't like the show they saw. I think it was dull. It was sterile.”
 Roone Arledge - “I respect the game that goes on of putting this against that, but I don't respect, nor do I enjoy, an awful lot of the actual programs that go on the air.”
 Roone Arledge - “I don't think people realize the extent to which TV networks are hurt when they carry public broadcasting. I think the estimate is that they lose a half-million dollars for a half day's programming.”
 Roone Arledge - “I don't think any industry was ever as closely scrutinized and written about and constantly in the public eye as television.”
 Roone Arledge - “I don't expect to win every battle but I think Fred Pierce has enough respect for me that I can go fight my battles and win my share.”
 Roone Arledge - “He said, 'Of course, you understand we have to offer it to CBS and NBC first because of existing contracts. I was about to slit my throat.”
 Abby Arledge - “Right after Jen Jennifer McNamara got hurt and we came back and won the tournament Ryan Kickoff Classic, that was amazing. That showed us that we can win if we play as a team, no matter who's out there on the court. We've really switched people around everybody plays everywhere at different times. We've just been able to really pull together as a team because we have a common goal.”
 Roone Arledge - “The current wisdom now is that if the three networks are covering the news the same way the difference is the anchor people. I think that won't be true in the future.”
 Roone Arledge - “So you have a built-in dilemma. Do you want to go after older people who watch news or younger people who watch ABC entertainment shows.”
 Roone Arledge - “People essentially like local news better than network news.”
 Roone Arledge - “One of the reasons why when Elvis dies or the Son of Sam is captured ABC News' ratings go up is because people who don't normally watch news are watching then. The question is, do you want to attract people who don't watch network news or fight over the people who do”
 Roone Arledge - “In the past ABC has made half-hearted efforts or, worse, cosmetic efforts, to do something about news and I wasn't certain about what their real aim was - nor am I now.”
 Roone Arledge - “I don't think the news department will have to lie down and play dead like it has in the past. By and large the network has been understanding, but then so have I.”
 Roone Arledge - “A lot of people told me that the job of making ABC News competitive was so difficult and so long that it wasn't worth the trouble.”
 Roone Arledge - “He brought us instant stature, instant integrity, instant quality that ... defined the early struggling days of ABC News.”
 Abby Arledge - “In years past, we've won one or two district games per year. We've known that we've had talent every year. We've just never been able to put it together and play as a team. This year we've played as a team. Everybody's so excited about going to the playoffs. We just want to keep that hope alive.”
 Abby Arledge - “I get a lot more playing time than I have in the past. I think it has made me a lot better player, getting in there more and getting to go against all of the hitters on the other team instead of just one.”
 Abby Arledge - “I'm used to it. I'm used to kind of getting shoved in the back row behind the hitters. I like it. I wouldn't want to do anything else. I love playing defense.”
 Abby Arledge - “I think it really just helps out our team because you have one person in there the whole time, so you have that constant defense on the back row. Even if it was anybody else in the position, just having that constant back-row person has helped.”
 Roone Arledge - “But unlike the setup in most organizations, where there's an administrator on top and creative people or doers underneath, I'm basically a doer and I like to have administrative people underneath me.”
 Roone Arledge - “One of the towering people in this industry said, why don't you go and make a five-year contract with somebody, make yourself several million dollars and put it away, then go and do whatever you want, work for public TV if you want.”

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