My Favorite Quotes
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 Melissa Arms - “It was a long meet because only one judge was there for the three teams. I was excited about the way the girls rallied on floor. They went out there and put their best foot forward.”
 Melissa Arms - “At half time I knew we were up, but I had no idea how far we dropped before floor. It was huge. We had a pep talk it was their first challenge of the season so they got pumped up more.”
 Melissa Arms - “We had a great time on the floor, though we had a few bobbles. We were so relaxed. By that time, we knew we had it won.”
 Melissa Arms - “Branford is a team that is trying to build. But we had some highlights. We had Alyssa back, and she had her highest (all around) of the season. And this was just coming back from pneumonia. Heather had a flyaway half and her first 9.0 of the season (on bars). And Emily's vault, it was the second time she's stood it up this season. We decided to rest Kim and go without her.”
 Bob Harms - “Basically if an idea sounds like a project that will help people with mental illness, and has no apparent downside, we find a way to accomplish our goal.”
 Melissa Arms - “We discussed a requirement that was originally missed. After a review, a mistake was realized.”
 Melissa Arms - “Heather tried a more difficult first pass on floor. It's a big risk, and it could have a big payoff. Unfortunately she fell in the meet even though she nailed it in warm-ups. But its good, she needs to make a statement if she wants to make nationals.”
 Melissa Arms - “I'm very pleased...It's awesome We weren't expecting anything and we wanted to go out and be proud of the fact we were part of the competition.”
 Bob Harms - “The center provides consumers with a place to go and gives them a good meal if they need it. It is a place that is safe for consumers, where they are understood and can feel they belong. The support of Bremer Foundation, area businesses and community members means a lot to us.”