My Favorite Quotes
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 Lance Armstrong - “A guy like him - I'm not blowing smoke - could be the future of cycling.”
 Doug Armstrong - “It's going to be a coming out party for so much of our future. Really, it'll almost be like a launching pad for the new NHL.”
 Colby Armstrong - “It was pretty fun to win those two games. It was a good feeling in the room. It's definitely something we'd like to keep going.”
 Sarah Armstrong - “Political games have no place in elections of the 2nd district.”
 Darrell Armstrong - “You're going to win games you aren't supposed to win and lose games you aren't supposed to lose. We weren't supposed to lose this game.”
 Hilton Armstrong - “It's not the last game. It's far from our last game. We've won over 100 games. We know how to win. We're just going to keep winning.”
 Louis Armstrong - “Way down yonder in New OrleansIn the land of dreamy scenesThere's a garden of EdenYou know what I mean.”
 Chuck Armstrong - “The end of a generation.”
 Karen Armstrong - “And sometimes it's the very otherness of a stranger, someone who doesn't belong to our ethnic or ideological or religious group, an otherness that can repel us initially, but which can jerk us out of our habitual selfishness, and give us intonations of that sacred otherness, which is God.”
 Tom Armstrong - “They're small, scrappy, and they never give up. They'll play right to the end.”
 Colby Armstrong - “We're playing the system well right now. It's just a matter of scoring goals.”
 David Armstrong - “Total contact casts are clearly the gold standard in offloading the bottom of the foot.”
 Billie Armstrong - “We met Mr. Scrappy, we saw the boys in Good Charlotte we've seen a lot of gold teeth.”
 Lance Armstrong - “It's nice to win. I'll never win again. I may have to take up golf -- take on Tiger.”
 Derek Armstrong - “It's a terrible way to lose. You get down 5-4 with a minute left and score a goal. That's a good way to get a point but a bad way to lose.”
 Dan Armstrong - “It's not that we don't have good guys. It's the inexperience just because we don't know what to expect. There's a whole lot of sophomores who have no idea what they're in store for.”
 Colby Armstrong - “The game wasn't an overly good game for the first half. It takes a while to get into it, not having played for three weeks. Once we got going, we were better.”
 Tom Armstrong - “There are good teams all the way through. It's been like that for awhile.”
 Hilton Armstrong - “At first we were rushing, putting up bad shots. Then we slowed it down and got into our offense, and started running the fast break and playing our game pretty good.”
 Paul Armstrong - “He is a very, very good player and they are a terrific team.”
 Scott Armstrong - “This, essentially, retroactively withdraws those records from view and makes government unaccountable.”
 Michael Armstrong - “During the quarter, we maintained our focus on managing costs, increasing revenue in our growth businesses, and improving customer satisfaction,”
 David Armstrong - “We don't know why the numbers are up. There hasn't been any apparent growth in the county, yet some of the enrollment figures have grown and we aren't sure why.”
 Michael Armstrong - “That's not where we want it and there's much more to be done to achieve more growth.”
 Michael Armstrong - “The aggregate payout will be reduced, ... Cash flow will not go to dividends but into growth...the dividend payment will be appropriate to the companies' peers in the industries that they compete in.”

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