My Favorite Quotes
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 Salvation Army - “They are our mascots,”
 Salvation Army - “They ask us not to come to their homes.”
 Salvation Army - “The relatives don't know they come here every week,”
 Salvation Army - “A majority of the people who have come through our doors are staying here instead of going back, ... A lot are looking for apartments, housing and jobs.”
 Salvation Army - “It really is a big deal,”
 Salvation Army - “undermine its religious mission.”
 Salvation Army - “We're not concerned or scared about not being able to offer them shelter, ... (However), it puts us in a position of being scared of what we are going to be able to offer them, whether we are going to be able to keep them in the same way that we have been able to. We don't know that.”
 Salvation Army - “came rain or shine - she never missed (a day.)”
 Salvation Army - “If it wasn't a four-lane road, it wasn't passable, ... If it was a four-lane road, it had one lane going in either direction, tops.”
 Salvation Army - “With all of the donations going south we expect to be hurt locally, ... A lot of people will say they already gave.”
 Salvation Army - “anything to start a home.”
 Salvation Army - “already vulnerable people with a criminal record.”
 Salvation Army - “It's music, right I'll just play it there, ... I tell you, lots of people say they won't go back, and I think it's because they finally got out of town for the first time.”
 Salvation Army - “The kids needed something to do, ... It was no more complicated than that.”
 Salvation Army - “People are going to be without homes or places to put stuff,”
 Salvation Army - “I didn't even realize that there is a possibility ... I would be very sad to see it go.”
 Salvation Army - “We'll be providing emergency needs for the first 72 hours,”
 Salvation Army - “We're not sure of the timeline,”
 Salvation Army - “We ask anyone interested to come on a Sunday morning, not to come to church but to meet the bandmaster.”
 Salvation Army - “We already have three classes of between 20 and 30 people,”
 Salvation Army - “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”
 Salvation Army - “They are just getting on transportation and taken some place they have never lived before, ... That has to be hard in itself, going to the unknown.”
 Salvation Army - “It seems like hardly anything at all, but I guess it's at least a safe place where they will get care and food and not be cold,”
 Salvation Army - “Mother Nature had the upper hand in this situation.”
 Tim Army - “On the road its tough to fall behind two goals early. We want to be the aggressor wherever we play. We have to take control of the game when its there to take control of.”

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