My Favorite Quotes
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 Bernard Arnault - “What worries me ... (is) that they will penalize European growth through hasty increases in interest rates without any justification.”
 Bernard Arnault - “The De Beers brand will be at the heart of our growing jewelry activities.”
 Bernard Arnault - “I can confirm our objective is for very significant growth this year. This is the first time that we have done this at this point in the year, which demonstrates our confidence.”
 Jean Arnault - “Violence and threats against local officials, religious leaders and schools continue and intensify, particularly in the south and southeast (of Afghanistan).”
 Jean Arnault - “an opportunity to prevent further fighting to reassure the population and to ensure the peaceful preparation of the upcoming presidential election.”
 Jean Arnault - “The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) condemns this murder and calls upon the Afghan authorities to carry out a thorough investigation and swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice,”
 Jean Arnault - “One of the very, very widespread complaints about reconstruction process today is where is the money going. There is a sense out there that resources are not fairly allocated.”
 Jean Arnault - “We need certainly to take all the steps we can take to make sure the elections will not be derailed by the violence.”
 Bernard Arnault - “In the coming five years, there'll be activity in the luxury world and we'll be there,”
 Bernard Arnault - “will result in the creation of a powerful base for further development in the sector.”
 Jean Arnault - “an unmistakable confirmation that there is in this country the emergence of a new political culture.”
 Jean Arnault - “We are seeing today an unmistakable confirmation that there is in the country the emergence of a new political culture. A sense that the legacy of the rule of the gun can be resisted is now taking root.”
 Bernard Arnault - “We will go there with an extremely open mind. If they are really serious . . . we should be able to find an agreement without too much difficulty.”