My Favorite Quotes
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 Porter Arneill - “Public Art ain't for the feint of heart.”
 Porter Arneill - “These two projects add life to Kansas City's already exciting public art scene. The vitality and energy of this work will energize downtown Kansas City for years to come.”
 Porter Arneill - “We've got some exceptionally talented artists in the Kansas City area who have an opportunity to excel with public art installations at home and in other cities. This workshop will help give them the tools to succeed.”
 Porter Arneill - “Public art brings variety, energy and life to our public spaces. The One Percent for Art Program compliments this town's thriving art community and it serves as a testimonial to our elected officials' dedication to the city's cultural heritage and vision for the future.”
 Porter Arneill - “I'm a passionate believer in the inherent creativity possessed by all people and our inherent ability--if it's not clouded by convention--to appreciate authentic beauty in all forms, whether we like it or not.”