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 Mike Darnell - “so desperate, they were hanging on the walls (of the ice rink). It shocked me.”
 Allyson Darnell - “My hope is to continue to grow as a couple. It still feels like we're on vacation sometimes.”
 Frances Parnell - “It's very much changed since it was the Custer Hotel.”
 Allyson Darnell - “I knew when I married him he was a neat freak. Our house is clean 24 hours a day.”
 Allyson Darnell - “I thought he was very handsome.”
 Mike Darnell - “This is a scrappy bunch of blue-collar players. I'd say it's going to take a lot for us to win the state this year. We have to catch some breaks. Last year, we didn't have to. This year, we have to catch a break and don't panic if we don't. We've played better than I thought we would.”
 Mike Darnell - “I swear, it must (have been) 13 hours a day, ... And I still do. It's on all the time. I was sort of hypnotized by it as a kid, I think. I just loved it.”
 Mike Darnell - “Having a true New York icon like Regis ring in the New Year from Times Square is something that we are already celebrating.”
 Greg Darnell - “If they walked up to me today, I wouldn't know them.”
 Peter Arnell - “criminal record and his lifestyle of knives, guns and violence.”
 Mike Darnell - “Thanks to women like Ivana Trump, Demi Moore and Cher, the social norms are changing, and mature women are finding that true love can happen with younger men.”
 Ken Darnell - “There are just a world of misconceptions about rattlesnakes.”
 Frances Parnell - “After seven years in the system, funds were beginning to get low. When this happened here, it was just perfect timing. The staff here is superb. Everyone is accommodating and very nice. I've met some lovely, lovely people.”
 Mike Darnell - “For years, rich older men have traded in their wives for pretty young women with bigger 'attributes'.”
 Allyson Darnell - “He's a couple of years older. I knew who he was, but that was about it.”
 Peter Arnell - “At retail, this will provide a more efficient model ... so they'll have more presence and power in the stores.”
 Allyson Darnell - “He drove me home, and I remember sitting in my driveway for two hours in the middle of the night talking. My dad finally called me on my cell phone because my mother was worried about me.”
 Rob Carnell - “The initial impression ... was of a chairman who did not want to shock the markets. The general tenor of the prepared remarks was that he would not take any chances with inflation, while retaining the risk management approach of his predecessor.”
 Sean Farnell - “We're extremely efficient and we do tremendous things in that shop. We have phenomenal through-put. The output would make it look like it's four or five times its size.”
 Scott Arnell - “It (the win) felt really good. I think we wore them down in the fourth quarter and we were able to make a huge run.”
 Allyson Darnell - “I love coming home to my own home and husband and everything we have.”
 Scott Arnell - “They're a great team. Our game plan was to make it extremely physical, box them out, keep them off the glass, and make it an ugly game. We didn't execute what we wanted. They were still rebounding well. We knew if we couldn't rebound with them, we'd have a real hard night.”
 Mike Darnell - “He's really in his element (on the show). He's a very dynamic personality.”
 Mike Darnell - “He's really in his element (on the show). He's a very dynamic personality.”
 Allyson Darnell - “My parents weren't surprised. They saw it coming and love Chris.”

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