My Favorite Quotes
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 Hans Arnesen - “There were a lot of strong riders there in the top six, but the track's a little slippery, a little softer than I thought. So I had a hard time getting up to speed there, misjudged the sprint and, you know, got second.”
 Frank Arnesen - “Our target is to find an academy player and bring him through to the first team in two years' time.”
 Hans Arnesen - “You don't suddenly get Jedi powers by upgrading. It's just a number.”
 Frank Arnesen - “Many clubs like him and this is normal, he is big lad, left footed and has a lot of experience even though he is only 21.”
 Frank Arnesen - “We do have to buy players like Real Madrid and AC Milan so we can't say our philosophy is just to use young players, ... We will bring players in from outside and inside but it is up to me and the academy to make sure the players are good enough.”
 Hans Arnesen - “I think this race is going to be aggressive. There are a number of teams out there that have solid riders that are going make the race fast. They aren't going to sit in the pack and have the slower (teams) stay around. From the start, this race is going to be played out to be one of the fastest races in recent years.”
 Hans Arnesen - “That's one of the best feelings ever. To have that many people there that go to school with you cheering loud is an awesome feeling. All the hard work and sacrifice that you make throughout the year is worth it right there. For those two hours, the fans are cheering a loud as they can -- there is no better feeling than your fans cheering for you.”
 Frank Arnesen - “It is an excellent deal for us because Pedro gives us more options in midfield and brings with him experience in European competition.”
 Frank Arnesen - “Simon has given this club great service but he was ready for a new challenge and we wish him all the best.”
 Frank Arnesen - “When Roman came here he wanted to quickly get the club up to a certain level,”
 Frank Arnesen - “We were looking for a very good keeper, who has the ambition to play, but also knows Paul Robinson is in front of him,”