My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeffrey Harness - “Overall, defensively we did a real good job.”
 James Arness - “They sort of made a point of that, which I thought was right,”
 James Arness - “It was ridiculous that they even went to Wayne. He was the biggest Western movie star of all time, and they must have known he couldn't take it.”
 Jeffrey Harness - “(Tech) have contacted him a few times but haven't promised him anything. He's a bright kid. He won't let you know what he wants to do. He hasn't decided anything yet.”
 Jeffrey Harness - “Defense was the high point. They created a lot of turnovers. We moved the ball pretty well on offense, but we turned the ball over too many times.”
 James Arness - “As any policeman today will tell you, it's not the idea of getting the first shot off, it's hitting your target. Often the first guy that shoots misses.”
 James Arness - “I feel I was the luckiest guy in the world to be part of this show,”
 James Arness - “We went right up to the top and stayed there for the first six years when Dennis was on. Those were our highest-rated years. Dennis and I became over the years fast friends and stayed friends through the last 50 years.”
 James Arness - “Matt Dillon was the kind of guy who's low-key but stands for what is right, ... And he goes about seeing that things turn out that way with, of course, a lot of people suffering along the way.”
 Wayne Charness - “We're shipping every piece we can make.”
 James Arness - “It is a very sad time and a big loss for me personally.”
 James Arness - “It is a very sad time and a big loss for me personally. He provided comic relief but was also a real person doing things that were very important to the show.”
 Wayne Charness - “There are always rumors and speculation on the street. Our policy is never to comment on them.”
 Wayne Charness - “We've noticed that over time, it's the classic play patterns that really deliver on the promise that kids want. We saw that last year with Trivial Pursuit, which was the best-selling toy even in its 20th edition.”
 Wayne Charness - “We don't think that the fundamentals of the business have changed. Nothing can take the place of a board game in getting a family to sit down and interact with each other.”