My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Garnett - “It's going to be damn near Jesus Christ the next person to come and do the things he's been doing because he's a naturally gifted kid.”
 Dan Barnett - “This was not a bathing suit scenario. This was a grown man exposing himself to an 8-year-old girl.”
 Gary Barnett - “Katie was a girl. Not only was she a girl, she was terrible. And there's no other way to say it,”
 Kevin Garnett - “They give to us all year long. This is three days when the league comes together to give some of it back to them.”
 Gary Barnett - “All these games are going to be critical. It's sort of like a playoff scenario. All I know is I've got three of the five at home. I'd take four if somebody wants to give one up.”
 Kevin Garnett - “This is probably a test more than anything for everybody, to see who is going to give up and who is going to pack it up and go home.”
 Kevin Garnett - “It's just good to know that people actually appreciate when you do give, ... I'm not the one for a lot of publicity, I'm not one to put myself out there with what I do, but in this case, I hope that it motivates others to give.”
 Kevin Garnett - “it's just good to know that people actually appreciate when you do give.”
 Michael Garnett - “I felt good out there, but unfortunately we could not get any goals.”
 Bob Barnett - “We needed that win and we scored three good goals, so I'm quite pleased as they aren't a bad side and shouldn't be near the bottom of the table.”
 Richard Garnett - “I think, actually, if you want to know where Roberts is on a lot of stuff, Rehnquist is a good place to start,”
 Gary Barnett - “If we lose, there's a little bit of moaning, a little bit of Woe is me' around campus for a few days and it's not a good feeling, ... If we win, it's That's great, now what are we going to do next week'”
 Steve Arnett - “Sometimes being unreasonable is a good thing. He wanted to be on the relay team.”
 Nick Barnett - “If he's hurrying, if he starts throwing the ball crazy. If he starts to scramble, that's good coverage or pressure.”
 Kelvin Garnett - “No one is going undefeated in this league like Monterey did last year. This league is too good and balanced.”
 Jim Barnett - “If the government wants to know how much rent I pay or who I talk to on the phone I would find it strange, but so what. If you have nothing to hide does it really matter.”
 Kevin Garnett - “We have our hand on the neck of the golden goose and we're squeezing hard.”
 Kevin Garnett - “That was a good block. I mean, you all saw what you saw, but as soon as it left his hand I got it, you know. I'm sitting right here in front of you all with a win.”
 Paul Barnett - “In order to be able to operate and maintain the sewer system so that it provides the service it needs to provide, we kind of have to do this, ... I hate that it has to come now with the gas price so high, but it's become a financial drain on the General Fund.”
 Kevin Garnett - “We both hate losing. I'm pretty sure he would like some more help.”
 Nick Barnett - “I'm not going to lie. I'm still shocked he's not going to be there. He was a good friend of mine and a good head coach.”
 Nick Barnett - “If that's the route Ted Thompson takes, I think there will be a lot of support. But I'm not really worried about a head coach right now. I'm still in shock that Coach Sherman is leaving.”
 Nick Barnett - “At 0-4, you feel like you're in a dark place. Now that we're 1-5, it still feels like a dark place. It's not a great feeling. If you have the heart of a champion, it hurts.”
 Don Barnett - “I know others share the same heart that I do,”
 Richard Garnett - “It's actually kind of a recent idea that in order to judge a nominee, you had to have tons and tons of paper, ... For most of history it was, you know, someone's nominated, probably a friend of the president ... You had hearings, and in the hearings you asked some questions, and the questions gave you the answers, and that was it. No one asked about how you were going to rule in Roe v. Wade, how you were going to rule in Miranda, whatever.”

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