My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan McCarney - “I appreciate the support he's given me and our program. The future looks extremely bright.”
 Dan McCarney - “We'll do a lot of positive things in the future around these two guys.”
 Bill Varney - “We see a big future with herbs and herbal products, ... but for growth, you need to have capital.”
 Shaun Carney - “We got to hope and pray that teams lose at least two games in the conference, ... It's going to be tough.”
 Tim Kearney - “Luckily he didn't have to work as hard or often in as other games. When we need him to step up, he does.”
 Kyle McAlarney - “I think I passed a few up the past few games. Tonight, I felt real loose and I felt real good out there, felt real comfortable.”
 Patrick Arney - “That's what it's all about. No one knows what's going on right away. You don't know grades or transfers or graduations, so that's why we play these games.”
 Karen Carney - “There's a garden view from every window,”
 Dan McCarney - “It's bad enough to turn it over, but then you give them 14 points. Missouri was up 14-0 and didn't even have a first down.”
 Rodney Carney - “If we can win this, we'll be remembered forever. We can give people joy they'll have for the rest of their lives.”
 Susan Carney - “I can't remember when we've had so many three-setters. They just don't give up. They play right to the end.”
 Kara Carney - “Anytime you can give a concrete example helps.”
 Tim Kearney - “Carter wants the ball. He worked hard tonight. Corey Sims as always worked hard. On the two goals, he can't be doing everything.”
 Rodney Carney - “Even though their height wasn't 6-9, 6-7, they played hard. Their guards shot the ball well and they got the big men the ball. They're a good all-around team.”
 Rodney Carney - “No one really looked at me. I took it to heart. I worked hard in the gym. I came to Memphis, and I progressed. It's a great feeling looking back and saying, 'You all didn't want me. But now I'm in Memphis, and we're doing good.”
 Chuck Kearney - “How bad this feels, it's going to feel equally good when you succeed. The lessons that are really valuable are the ones that hurt the most.”
 Patrick Arney - “We had to stop her. We knew we had to stop her. They are not a one-player team. They are a good team. But when they have a player like that it makes life very difficult.”
 Dan McCarney - “We've got some major holes to fill, but we feel like we've got some good young players in development.”
 Shaun Carney - “(Kirkwood) is a real good guy, a smart person,”
 Shaun Carney - “I'm very impressed with TCU, ... They came into a good conference and have dominated thus far.”
 Sean Carney - “As far as I know, there's 16 players that aren't going anywhere. That doesn't necessarily mean they will all be back with us. But it looks pretty good for next year.”
 Tim Kearney - “The kid is probably going to do some things for us. Felix with size and really good speed, we're hoping to see something from him.”
 Tim Kearney - “Phillip is just a hard-nosed player. He's more of a defensive player. We're hoping Kyle Masson works out. He has very good speed. Speed can do an awful lot.”
 Tim Kearney - “I'm not sure. It's not good. He clearly controls the back for us. He's constantly talking to the other guys.”
 Tim Carney - “I don't see things collapsing as they did in 1987. Everyone - some grudgingly - wants to go to elections. They want to get rid of this interim government and get a constitutional government and move forward.”

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