My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Arniel - “You can feel the excitement of being a contender again. When you get beat on for a few years and have a chance to stick your chest out a little bit, our fans are enjoying that. You can feel it in the new building now.”
 Scott Arniel - “He always took guys under his wing, made sure he helped them become pros. When you walk away from talking to James Patrick, you know he's had true interest and he's concerned about you as an individual. He really hits a lot of people that way.”
 Scott Arniel - “The way he played then is no different than the way he played the last year of his NHL career. When you look down the end of the bench, you're getting the same thing from James Patrick, night-in, night-out.”
 Scott Arniel - “His desk is right beside mine. And the passion he has already ... you could tell.”