My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Arnold - “Being a cop was all he ever wanted to be, ... He was either at work, or he was doting on his son. He would back the car out of the driveway and play games with his boy for hours.”
 Graham Arnold - “Craig has six games left now to improve his fitness and get the timing back that only comes from playing regular games at the top level. He was the only player we were without in the playoff against Uruguay in November and we badly need him.”
 Mike Arnold - “They didn't play well, but they didn't give up.”
 Peter Arnold - “He was a lot more aggressive (Thursday) looking to create something off the dribble. I look for him to blossom as the year goes on. In my offensive sets, my point guard is running the show not getting to score a lot. You don't get much glory, but a team can't win without a good point guard.”
 Matthew Arnold - “Who saw life steadily, and saw it whole The mellow glory of the Attic stage.”
 Robert Arnold - “She keeps at things, I can tell you that. She drives herself and her private life with the same responsibility, the same goals.”
 Catherine Arnold - “After a long product portfolio transition, we forecast that Bristol-Myers could return to a period of sustained high teens earnings per share growth in 2007-2010.”
 Steve Arnold - “They were making those (3-point) shots with a hand in their faces.”
 Tim Arnold - “It's just barely hanging on.”
 George Arnold - “O sweet September, they first breezes bring the dry leaf's rustle and the squirrel's laughter, the cool fresh air whence health and vigor spring and promise of exceeding joy hereafter.”
 Melaney Arnold - “Basically they've submitted some additional information to the Department of Public Health that we are going to be looking at so there has been no changes to the allegations or to the violations yet. The status hearing is now set for March 10th.”
 Graham Arnold - “From what I'm hearing at the moment from our medical staff, everything is fine.”
 Melaney Arnold - “There is the possibility of losing your hearing. That's when it gets to a very serious level.”
 Paul Arnold - “And we'll have Vietnam living history i.e. re-enactors up there.”
 Brad Arnold - “It's always an honor to play (the event). Dick Clark is a great guy.”
 Graham Arnold - “You want to hope that he can be a wildcard,”
 Tom Arnold - “It's a sweet film ... something that I hope people will enjoy there.”
 Matthew Arnold - “Still nursing the unconquerable hope, Still clutching the inviolable shade.”
 Karen Arnold - “If there's an interest, it would be a great feeder program for them and for us. As far as I'm concerned, as long as they're playing something, it's a great idea.”
 Robert Arnold - “You didn't know it's illegal to sell this in the United States”
 Robert Arnold - “The only way the industry has to recoup any of this is rate changes.”
 Melaney Arnold - “If hospitals and doctors believe we are going to release all the information we get, they might be hesitant to provide the information and wouldn't report to us.”
 Jon Arnold - “I can't tell you overall how we stand. Based on the information we receive, we'll build contingency plans off that.”
 Margaret Arnold - “It is the poor that are hit the hardest and they have the least coping mechanisms and probably don't have insurance. Their homes are completely gone and they probably won't be able to rebuild and regain their livelihoods.”
 Celeste Arnold - “That wasn't the end of it, either. This man and his lady friend, that I knew nothing about before this, came to the shelter and offered me a way out.”

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