My Favorite Quotes
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 Helen Arntzen - “I think it's been an interesting time. We've had our ups and downs. I think we've grown a lot, and we have made money. It's also fun getting together with women you don't see every day.”
 Helen Arntzen - “Investment itself has evolved, and we try to evolve with it. It's different than it was 20 years ago.”
 Gigi Arntzen - “I feel she needs opposition. She's served the city well, but I think at some point you may need to revisit that.”
 Helen Arntzen - “My husband was very enthusiastic, and my children are all investing. They have done some work with stock themselves because of our interest.”
 Helen Arntzen - “A lot of members resigned from the club, and we were concerned the club wouldn't keep going. We bought their stock to keep it going.”
 Gigi Arntzen - “I have no problem having money in the bank.”
 Gigi Arntzen - “I'm hoping we could develop a code fair to everyone throughout the city, but more importantly we need to have backbone to enforce whatever we do adopt.”