My Favorite Quotes
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 Sen. Aronberg - “If this looks like a Democratic idea, it's less likely to pass. It's important that we get buy-in from the Republicans.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “Those companies are craftier than you. They're better at getting information.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “It's adding insult to injury. With junk cell phone calls, not only are they annoying but then you have to pay for it.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “I was surprised at the extent of this problem. All you need is hundred bucks and Internet access.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “Then we got a letter from the state. Not so fast.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “If we couldn't pass this (amendment) today, then I think there's little hope for tomorrow.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “Not one of these counties had active functioning Democratic parties. Our party will never be the reigning party again until we win the rural vote.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “He definitely is loquacious. He's outgoing. He's quick with a smile and a joke. It is endearing. We always encourage him to talk slower, but it's his nature to get as much information out there as possible.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “It shows that there is a majority in the Senate that supports embryonic stem-cell research.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “Unfortunately, public policy lost today.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “That shocking picture of that young child without arms and legs, that was burned into our minds.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “If it's a bad plan, consumers should have an outlet for their discontent.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “I'm a believer in local control, and this allows local governments to decide for themselves if it's worth a try.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “Riding on them is like a bridge to Old Florida. It makes you feel in touch with nature and history.”
 Sen. Aronberg - “This is something that liberals and conservatives seem to agree to stop eminent domain abuse. The question is When does eminent domain cross the line to eminent domain abuse We've struggled with that.”